The Journey Begins

 The day has come.. the packing up and loading it all to hit the road is finally here.. 

Time To Go HOME!

I did NOT want to wake up and I surely didn't want to record the moments as I was wide awake most of the night.. ideas 💡 kept flowing through my mind about what could go wrong..

What are the "things" that I could miss that will or might not do that will damage the truck or RV. 

Life is always a learning curve.

As we put things together the night before, there is still plenty to make sure that we have what we need for the short trip today.

We got up first thing this morning to prepare for the drive as we started to see that bad weather is going to get nasty later this afternoon and I desire to be at our next campsite  ⛺️ before then. 

Once we loaded Abigail up, we said bye to Charlotte.. 

Made our way to the dump station to clear out the tanks and then.. hit the road!

One of the things we found that we had issues with pretty much instantly is with the RV Camera 📸 that is installed on our rv, it didn't come with screws to correctly mounted to the dash or window mount so, we had to prop it up on the dashboard during this first part of our trip home 🏠 its a little frustrating however, its a fix that we can do once we arrive and can check in at a hardware store.  The other problem is that is won't stay connected, even with the booster, its a blank screen 📺 over 80 + percent of the time then... there is the simple fact that the side mounted cameras can't share the screen with the back camera on the display screen. Not sure if it is a program issue or this system doesn't allow for that but, you manually have to toggle screens to see one side and then the other side if you want to use the camera for that option while driving. This is not a safe or convenient option for those wanting to have a safe travel in their rv on a high traveled and congested road. 

We are liking the new king pin hitch that is installed on Abigail. She is gliding more effectively over pumps and jiggles that pop up on the road. 

During the drive into Georgia, we are making great time, looking around and seeing the beauty of where we are at, we found that we are not only making great time but.. we are getting to our location "WAY" earlier than what was previously expected. 

When we called to see if we could get an early check in, we were informed that that couldn't happen at this time. We understood, there are people in the spot.. we have a large RV and some campsites have limited space for a 45Ft RV. Not angry or frustrated, we just have to make a small adjustment to kill time till we can check in and that really isn't a bad thing!

As we make our way into Georgia.. we are going to take the pups for a long walk.. find a place to hang and have lunch.. 🥗 and just chill for a bit. We made it and not to far from our first stop, All we well and we are 😊 happy with how it all came out in the first stop towards home. 

Thanks for sticking around and being a part of the family!



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