She's Tweeting, Beeping and Making Noise!


We have successfully made it alive and well, even after all the hiccups that came with us having to head down to Florida in such a rush in the first place. Now that we are here and tucked in safely in our little hideaway spot.. here comes all the fun stuff or.. seeing what comes next!

The weather has been a constant downpour, cold ๐Ÿฅถ wet and well.. more wind ๐ŸŒฌ and rain that I don't think the ground can absorb any more.. I am wondering if we should have built an Ark instead of buying an RV at this point. 

Since we are home now, We will need to figure out where things go.. eventually! This comes after finding the flow or how you work around things in your space so, your not having to do extra unneeded steps to take care of things. I am a great believer in organizing my areas so that they flow, every thing has a place and every space can be utilized for a specific job to make life, especially in an RV where space is prime real-estate. 

The major issue for us at this time is.. the ghastly weather!! 

Will it ever stop raining ☔️?

Hank and I started noticing right away that we needed to replace some of the fixtures that are on the RV. Then drawer pulls in several areas stick out and are a safety problem as well and I am hitting them with my knee and shin, leaving a variable amount of bruising on my legs.  We have decided that we wanted to replace them first thing as well as pick up some cleaning supplies and other items to get us through the incoming storms heading our way. 

I am so not digging the cold right now!

The funny thing about this all is, every time we start to move things around, set up one area and take it apart.. we find ourselves heading back out to Home Depot to get more things to put it here to.. take care of that or to replace this or add to that.. it has been a constant run on Home Depot.. we should own stock !

One of the few things I will tell ya is we are learning a TON about our RV.. and because of the constant travel in our Bertha.. we are finding out new things about her too. She makes a lot of noises.. but, I am truly happy that she has seat heaters in this cold weather. It makes me so happy to just know when we flip the key ๐Ÿ”‘ and the presetting on .. when we climb on in, the seats will be warm, the heater will be running and we will be riding in comfort!! I am so in love with ๐Ÿ˜ Bertha.. she rocks!

One of the special blessings we have now that we are home ๐Ÿ  is the ability once again to attend Church ⛪️ and be near friends and family. It is truly a great time to be near others with life can become tough and we feel like we are struggling. 

2020 was a year filled with a loud and strangled unknown.. being told no at every corner and even flowing into the 2021 year.. we are left with complete and total uncertainty of what we might get to do .. if!  Life is precious and being able to spend time with any one we must grab on to and take full advantage of. Time is always fleeting.. and Time is truly a gift! 

Well.. I have a mess to clean ๐Ÿงผ 2 bulldogs to take care of and yes, as you can already guess.. more rain ๐ŸŒง  to deal with outside! 

Take care my fellow Ramblers.. see ya soon! 



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