Moving Out, Moving On!

 In what seems like a blink of an eye.. the time is finally here! 

We have to move our lives from one RV into another.. even with all the pre-packing I have done, this is not going to be as easy as we had hoped!

I had spent the better part of November getting things into order and since the weather went to crap real fast.. it gave me plenty of time to look through things and decide once again what we didn't need..

Or that is what I thought!

Here we are, about to finally toss this place and run full high speed into getting this move on and it hits you

We once again have to much crap! 

We complained that we didn't have enough space yet, we had just enough to shove things into every spot, crevice and nook we could find, and boy did we do that with gusto! 

To add insult to injury, Florida decided to add rain into the mix

"Ya COULDN'T have stay sunny just for 1 day could ya?" 

Between stinky dogs



Time Ticking to get back on the road

Did I mention RAIN?

The simple fact that we had just received Abigail late yesterday and have to get this done.. is just kicking our butts right now. We are running on empty and still have way to much to do! 

If you think this is an easy thing just because the "home" is small?

Think again! 

Yesterday we hit the move full on.. after over an hour of both Henry and I running back and forth, tripping over anxious pups and trying to hit one area at a time .. then unpack what we brought over and run back.. we realized that, that plan of action just wasnt going to work out very well.

1 year worth of "STUFF" needing to be hauled over and unpacked... well maybe not fully unpacked but, just enough that we could see where we needed to be, what things we had and find them once we realized what it was we are looking for.. a new plan was hatched.

Plenty of items had been bagged, placed in hampers, boxes, crates and such to be toted over.. the rest once the other items were unpacked we would reuse the items that were used to carry them over again and repeat. 

I stayed in Abigail and put things away while Henry did the heavy lifting and would bring the boxes and such over one area at a time. 

This was a great plan.. though it did slow us down a bit however, it did get done.

From the walk through to the completion of moving everything out and cleaning Charlotte..the time took us 24 hours.

We closed Charlotte up, turned off all the lights, brought in the slides and locked her up one last time.

It was bittersweet in a wonderful way.

We learned so much from this beautiful gift..

A great RV.. strong and steady.. 

Loved the time we had in here and the places we got to see with her as our RV. She will make her new owners really happy! 

As we moved the last bit of trash over to the trash can .. we made plans to meet up with some new friends and went to bed, a new day was coming in quickly!

The next day we headed out for lunch at a great place called:

Combat Cafe:

831 S Central Ave, Umatilla, FL 32784

Serving Breakfast & Lunch Daily 

Combat Cafe's Facebook Link

The food was wonderfully made, with a great presentation plus, the owners came over and spent time with us, explaining how the restaurant came to be. It is a great story and a pretty cool place to come and visit if your ever in the area. 

Since today was our last day, we prepared everything that we could for the travel day to come. It was a long drawn out day and since it would be our first experience with our new rv and all the we have to do to get her on the road at first light. 

So.. before that can happen I need to say 

Good Night!

Thanks for sticking around and we will see you next time.



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