She's Here!


We left Virginia with its ucky, wet, cold weather and arrived to Floridas nice warming glow.. now after all this time we awake to ICE on the windows 🪟 It is a freezing cold 🥶 morning here in Tampa and I think that this has caused a flurry as people are running to get more propane because no one is sure how long the cold blast will last! 

Between running around and getting things done ✅ we noticed something awesome.. 😎 

RV's with "SHOW" stickers were beginning to appear in the garage bay.. we started to walk around and NO Riverstones had appeared there yet.  Later that night as we were taking the puppies 🐶 for their nightly walk, we see this Blue and Silver RV that was NOT there earlier.. 

Could it be?

Is it?

She was delivered just before the end of the day.. tucked in and parked..There she is!!!

We were overly excited, we walked around her.. looked over her and just oooohhh and awed at our leisure since, no one was there to rush us and well.. after all we own her! 

up close the details are so much more then just what we could see in pictures.. even when we looked her over quickly at the show, we just didn't want to stay because of the people.. knowing that soon, we could take her home was very and overly 


We have named her.. 

She has been given the name Abigail.

 Its from the Bible and its located 1 Samuel 25. Tells the story about how Abigail saved her people after her husband betrayed their people by being rude to David. Hearing what her husband did, she grabbed all the items she could bring to David as a peace offering. Later when her husband died, David remembered her gift and what she did for her people and married her. 

So.. what does this mean and why this name... ?

We believe that she is a blessing to us and we will continue to use her for that purpose and grow by learning and finding new ways to share His praise with others. Because without Him and His grace we wouldn't be where we are. 

Hank talked with the guys to find out around when we would be receiving Abigail and they gave us a rough estimate so... unless their is a delay due to parts, we would know when we could be likely headed home. 

This is good as we need to give that information to Hanks CO. 

Now, the date in question is interestingly frustrating as, its a heavy moving day and that is a rough time since most people in Florida are traveling from the show, seeing other events down here and traveling to places like Disney and such.

A few days after her arrival to the dealers garage, we got the notification that she is ready for our walk through.. yikes!! 😬 

This will be the tick tock list to check off and find the details have been completed as well as the new items we need to learn, the computerized system!

We have checked the items off that were sent to use in advance..we also noticed more items that we didn't see before. 

We also noticed other things that didn't fit well or had to get replaced, quickly or we will be stuck here a bit longer. 

Another thing we found out... the sound system, as a cycled hummm and that means there is something broken, a short somewhere or something is not connected correctly but, that means it has to be taken apart.. uh 😐 

Lists upon list.. manual and more manuals.. broken brackets and more lists..

Phone calls are being made

Items being called in for repair.. this has taken on a mind of its own and we just started!

Im a little frustrated but not depleted from being happy as this will get done and we will be moved into her eventually.

I have a Dishwasher.. a Washing Machine, I have Solar for our Large Butt Fridge.. We have Computerized systems that allow me to access our RV's systems via our Cellphones! 

Its insane.. 

It was around 5pm and we had finished the walk through. there were still a small item that couldn't get fixed right now and that was the JBL system.. we will talk more about that later.. but, I wasn't going to stay another week over that! 

She was delivered to the open site next to Charlotte so, that we could begin the pack out and over.. 

The time has begun for us to say bye to Charlotte..

and Hello to Abigail for real! 

This is finally happening! 

Well.. its getting late and its time to get moving! Thanks for sticking around fellow Ramblers!



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