YES... This Just Happened!

 Not a CALL you want to receive... not a plan that you had on your ToDO List!

Hubby left for work on time as is his routine.. then on his hour long commute I will get a phone call or 2 just to chat about what ever .. "EVER" pops in mind while he drives in to work. 

One todays list was a quick call that the car was low on fuel and wondered if he should stop and get it now or wait till after work.. then it was decided that he would do it now while it was still so early so, he didn't get it during the heaviest of traffic. As he pulled into start pumping, got another call.. cash or house card.. then.. ill talk to you after work..

15 mins.. later


**Heavy Patterned Breathing** 

I joked at first.. "hey sexy.. what's happening?" 

But the response what a groan and the reply of "babe, Im sorry.. the car is wrecked"

His breathing was pained .. quick and grunting as if trying to deal with the situation his body was going through. The phone was passed to the EMS worker who informed me that he was being taken to the nearest hospital, I was given the name.. and the call was then disconnected. 


I know your going to ask.. why did I record it? To be honest.. to keep my butt calm

My heart sunk.. I didn't know what was going on and GPS was telling me it would take 56mins to get to him. Also, COVID restrictions were limiting under certain issues who was allowed to go into a patients room, so what was I going to walk into?

There was so much going on in my head that My heart was beating out of my chest... 


I prayed the entire drive to the hospital.. 

We have insurance.. we will let them deal with the car and all that.

Cars can be replaced, honestly right now I can give 2 rips about the car.. 

I can't replace my husband and that is where my nervous wreck is coming from.. attempted to call the hospital but, there was no information available... UGH!!

Since I am driving Big Bertha ( our dually) this makes parking at the hospital a fun mess.. small hospital location with limited parking spaces. I found a corner area, verified that it wasn't a restricted location and tucked myself in, then made my way into the ER entrance. 

Once inside I had to jump through hoops and get permission to go into his room.. there was 1 thing that allowed me entrance so.. I was given permission, its nothing secret but, with Henry's PTSD and if he is given a narcotic if they are not prepared he can become nervous and feel sick, forget where he is at.. so, they allowed me in. 

Between the battery of tests and blood work, there was many discoveries plus.. concern that his lungs looked funky so, they screened him for possible covid, funny thing about that.. if you screen a military member for covid, that goes straight to his commands medical branch and we go into quarantine till any test comes back to verify that its negative. FUN!!

Henry suffered from burns caused by the air bags.. and bruises from the seat belt and impact.. the rest is what we are finding from reactions to the event over long term. 

He was in a large amount of pain.. between grunt candy (800 MG Ibuprofen and Flexural) we went home for rest and recovery and ME to get my head back into the world that he will be OK!

While I was waiting on him during his many x-rays and CT Scans.. I filed the report with our insurance..

This is what happened.. this can happen to any one and we are not special.

The lady made a left turn on a divided 4 lane road, wasn't "paying" attention (her words) as she quickly turned and didn't see the small grey car that was there.. causing Henry to hit her car at 35MPH with little to no time to hit the breaks before hitting her. This is what caused most of all the damage to him and the car. 

The police found her at fault at the scene.

I was frustrated.. because my husband is hurt, we are out a secondary vehicle right in the middle of a PCS Move.. and now I have to deal with insurance companies and more then likely now the personal injury side of a claim.. this was definitely not on my plans for this week!

I am not hatefully angry at this woman.. this was just an accident and not done on purpose so, we forgive her this.. We will just deal with what we must from here on out and move on. 

I have my Henry and that is most important after all!

Yep, This just happened.. but we are safe

Now, things that we didn't want to deal with.. when we get to our next duty station, do we lease or buy as we will need to figure that out as he does work and will have to travel often to his location that is miles away from where we will be parked with the RV. 

Many things to figure out! 

Well.. that is this for now.. I have a new thing to consider when we go into the full scale travel mode .. like what to do if we are not in a location that has access to immediate needs quickly and what can we prepare for... many things pop'd into my mind and I am taking them seriously!

Take care and be safe out there my friends..



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