Tank Sensor Reset

 We were so excited when we bought our girl .. she is beautiful.. LARGE and in charge!! She certainly stands out in a crowd.. but, as with all things.. the pieces and parts that come along can cause irritation and frustration, even with a beauty like ours.. 

Welcome to RV LIFE!

We purchased from Forest River their Riverstone Legacy 42 FSKG and boy is she a "BEAUTY"..  but as we all know, RV's are not just a one size fits all and it all works out of the factory variety pack, they come with components that are made by many different companies, shipped from many different states and countries for that matter and then installed in many ways and factors, all it takes is for just one of the hundred of components inside your wonderful RV to fail to cause you to be highly disappointed, discouraged ro down right angry over your purchase. 

I could go over the small list of items of components that didn't flat out work in our RV when we picked it up.. like the JBL Surround Sound Stereo (which isn't a JBL stereo system... we can chat about that another time) or other small things here and there BUT, these are small potatoes in comparison to things like AC's or your leveling systems.. those are BIG issues and yes, I too would demand them get fixed however, this wasn't a make or break thing. 

These smaller components don't take away from your experience of camping.. 

Remember.. it can get replaced

May take time to get it

But.. you still have your RV!

Right out the door we had an issue with the tank sensor on our 2nd grey tank.. its stopped giving us a reading. We ran water through the tanks, checked for leaks and that is when we noticed that the tanks didn't get a reading. 

When we checked and reset the main system screen.. it still didn't send a reading so, the tech walked us through how to flash the system which would help take care of this issue, this is what we are going to share with you today. 

This is only a temporary fix.. we have had to do this multiple times as the reset only seems to last a month or so before one tank stops sending a signal.

On our Riverstone we have the Tru Tank Monitoring System, its not the typical probe sensor system but, one that sends a sonar pulse through your tank to measure the amount of fluid in your tanks more accurately.. or so is the claim.  I'll post the manual for the sensor below from forest river.

Tru Tank Monitoring System

After we came back from our recent trip, the 2nd grey tank isn't sending out a signal once again so, we decided to show you what we were taught on how to flash it once more. 

Quick reminder.. its a temp fix, they are looking into why ours is doing it so often.. could be failed wire or board.. not certain, will have it checked when we can travel back to Florida for a once over on our girl but, for now.. like I said before, this isn't going to kill our camping trips!

If you happen to have this issue and have a system similar to ours or exactly like ours.. try it out and see if it helps, take it easy and don't rush as you don't want to damage anything.. 

Have fun and wish you great success..

See ya on the road!



  1. I have an RK39FB. See miss you here all of a sudden. Thank you for the video! Couple of questions... You said you reset the Firefly I believe but I can't figure out how to do that either. Also in my rig any idea which panel I might try opening 1st to find that panel?

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