We Are Smart People!!

 Oh Boy.. Where To Begin?

We knew that we had a trip planned for months, all things have been set up from the route to take.. to the place we would be staying once we arrived at the location. 

Being a planner this is what I do.. 

Laid out like a find well and documented map..

Or so I thought!! 

4am as we are waking for the day and the week of our travel.. I get a "ping" on my phone.. 

I have an email..

Here comes the "WHAMMY"

This email is a reminder of our reservations for this coming Wednesday at our final stop on our trip.. however, its Monday and this would mean that we would need to leave tomorrow instead of us leaving Wednesday as planned! 

Where did I go wrong on this plan?

How did we now lose a day of preparing the RV and Truck?

Now.. we are no longer in the mode of ease..

We are NOW.. in the mode of "RUSH"

We are some really smart people!

The only thing that I can figure out that went wonky is.. when I was making the reservations for this trip is I might have flipped my calendar back to the current month instead of the month needed for the reservations to refer to and this is what caused the chaos that we are dealing with today. 


Hubby still working a full-time job as a Marine has to go into work, do his "MARINE-Things" then check out on leave, come home and prep plus pack up the outside as well as the truck for the trip ..one full day early! 

I on the other had have to pack up the inside as well as meal prep. 

That takes a "LOT" of time as its 2 days of full meals, snacks, coffee  plus water for the pups and. their meds for travel. 

That is a lot of kitchen work that I will have to clean up after once its done before I can call it a night. 

Our plan is to leave no later than 9am, this is to give those that work in our campground time to leave for work and also the school buses to be off the road by that time. 

Before I can even get to that part.. I still have to finish all this first.

ALL .. because I forgot what day I was supposed to be traveling on..

What day I am or have made our reservations on..

Like I have always said.. double check everything as it take only one thing to throw you for a loop and boy did this just do that! 

Now... the rush is on..

Time to get a move on so.. We will talk to you guys soon.. if I don't have a complete freak out! 

Bye for now



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