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YES... This Just Happened!

 Not a CALL you want to receive... not a plan that you had on your ToDO List! Hubby left for work on time as is his routine.. then on his hour long commute I will get a phone call or 2 just to chat about what ever .. "EVER" pops in mind while he drives in to work.  One todays list was a quick call that the car was low on fuel and wondered if he should stop and get it now or wait till after work.. then it was decided that he would do it now while it was still so early so, he didn't get it during the heaviest of traffic. As he pulled into start pumping, got another call.. cash or house card.. then.. ill talk to you after work.. 15 mins.. later "THE CALL" **Heavy Patterned Breathing**  I joked at first.. "hey sexy.. what's happening?"  But the response what a groan and the reply of "babe, Im sorry.. the car is wrecked" His breathing was pained .. quick and grunting as if trying to deal with the situation his body was going through. The phone

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