Hanging By A Wire


As most of you know, my husband is in the Marine Corps. with that comes many interesting things that pop up from time to time. Well, we are here now in Virginia Beach at a new unit after spending most of our time in 29 Palms California.. and getting to know the new guys, they decided to have a unit fun day, this is a way of bonding with each other and learning more about one another, which brings us to this interesting topic we will be discussing and the later video will show you.

Several of the guy pop'd in ideas about places and things they would like to do and after consideration and cost.. it came down to this wonderful place.

The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium:

The Adventure Park

Now.. this isn't your run of the mill fun park.. with rides, animals and carnival games.. OH NO!! this is hang yourself from wires, climb trees and all that fun stuff.. yes, that type of adventure stuff! 

Your paying others to push your body to the limit and beat yourself to a pulp.. 


This is what they paid to do!

The Unit hit the park with a vengeance..

Old folks vs. Young ones... It was a race to see who could push themselves through all the courses this place had to offer!

I will tell you that this park isn't for the weak at heart! 

The AP.. (Adventure Park) has many levels for all types of people going from simple climb to hitting the zip lines.. 

Please before going to this place.. read everything from the safety and health requirements to the equipment you need to supply for yourself (gloves and proper shoes plus bug and sunscreen!) 

There are discounts, block group reservations that can be made AND.... they have a night time climb!

Yes.. seriously, you can play Tarzan and Jane at night through the trees!! (this is what I want to do)

Though I have rock climbed, tandem jumped from a plane and repelled down rock faces.. I have yet to attempt this park for myself and am interested to try... we shall see when I can do this with my hubby. 

Now back to the guys..

They went through this park with a vengeance .. for the several hours that they were there.. they attempted all the green and blue levels and worked their way up to the black Diamond level. 

At the end of the day, these hard core and heavy pumping Marines and Navy Corpsmen were battered and bruised.. sore and declaring that they were whopped by this course! 

Like I said earlier.. this place will challenge you and make you think outside the box, you will be pushed to the limits and you will feel it all over. It took the bruises my husband acquired a week to go away, that should tell you something. 

Don't be discouraged or dismayed, this is a way of going back to a time where we felt young and carefree.. challenged ourselves to see what and how we could get and do the things we dreamed about "BUT" in a safe way. 

Enjoy and If you are interested in trying this place, go check it out but remember to go through the check list and health information to make sure you can and are able to do what's needed of you. 

Have fun and try new things.. seek out your adventure! 



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