Aloha & Happy Father's Day


One of the many blessings and personalities that I so love about my "Henry" is his giving heart.  This Weekend we had the opportunity to spend a great time with our church and the community in participating in the "ALOHA" Day... and what a day it was! 

Early in the morning Henry set out with several of the guys from the mens group and started the setup process and the actual roasting of the 2 pigs purchased for this Luau. From bounce houses, Inflated water slides, Axe throwing walls, fire pits for smore-sational times.. putting up tiki torches to ward away the buggies that could ruin a fun Time .. the mens group was hard at work making things look amazing for everyone. 

When I finally arrived, the pigs were being torn to shreds and set up to everyones delights.. except for the rare times little kids realized that the pork they were eating came from the pigs on the table... yeah, that was funny! 

From singing, dancing, laughing, slides, Kona Ice and more.. it was a great success.. in the end we came away with either a sun tan or a sun burn... but it was fun no matter what.

Saturday arrived in its rare weekend best with sun shining and the clouds hidden behind the rays of light, this was going to be a good day. While Henry was working on school work and outside chores, I took it upon myself to finally get my hair cut off, it only took a year and a half but.. its finally done. 

Found a place that I thought was around 45 mins away but, in the end it was very close to where I do actually live. After they went over my hair and looked at how sad it is.. we decided to cut more then I originally expected to do but, im ok as hair grows back but, I do prefer to have it shoulder length. I does feel nice having the extra fried ends cut off and the dried craziness under control .. now to head home and relax with my babe. 

Fathers Day is HERE! 

I had a "Plan" of sorts to enjoy taking my love bug out for his day however, plans get changed.. He had much to get caught up on with his school work and work work so, we focused on small things at home, laughed about old movies and talked about old memories and times from the past. It was a good day however like it always does.. the weekend faded quickly and dinner time came and went, bedtime called for me while Henry still worked on his school paper.

11:30pm rang and finally Henry finally called it a night and came to bed. 

Time flies when your having fun!

I wanna say ..

Thank you to everyone of the Fathers out there.. the Step-Dads who stepped up and the Fatherly figures who gave love and guidance when we needed it... We love you all! 

Fathers need to be celebrated!

See ya next time...



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