I Want To Ride My Bicycle

 After countless days of rain.. we get to take the bikes out for a little jot around the community.. 

Just cruise around..

Look around and said "HI" to our neighbors.. 

Smelled the wonders of the morning

Smelled the amazing different styles of breakfast everyone was cooking..

The day was beautiful after all the storms we were having AND I didn't want to go out on the road just yet after the last time, the traffic is pretty bad right now AND no one is watching "US" on the roads. 

This little dity around to check out the gears, the breaks, the pedal assist worked out wonders..

Had so much fun learning the little ins and outs of this bike, plus I have still much to learn between changing gears and the changing the rates on the PA when riding. 

Its been amazing to ride longer without hurting my leg 

The funny thing is, my leg still feels like dead weight when I get off the bike but, doesn't hinder me from riding during the time because of the ability to change up while in motion.. 


Sadly, since this ride.. we haven't been able to ride again due to rain and weather conditions.. 

We haven't given up hope that the hurricane or "Tropical" storm will pass and allow us to go out again soon. 

Even though the battery and electrical components are fairly protected.. you wouldn't want to submerge this bike or keep it in direct water for long period of time. 

We are living near the ocean and nature preserve so, the bikes are exposed to salt air and humidity all time. We are doing what we can to ensure that no extra damage comes from exposure when we can't ride them. 

The only silly complaint that I do have on my end is that the seat for me.. is a tad tiny and hard "BUT" I bought a gel pad and it helps out when riding for long periods of time. total cost for that was $10.

Hubby and I are completely excited over the ideas and possibilities that are open to use with this ebike, most national parks have allowed them to be road where all bikes are allowed (depending on classification) and outs fits... state parks vary. We are looking forward to taking trails that would be limited to us because of my mobility issues... so so happy! 

I am also loving the idea of hopping on them to hit the farmers market or small towns that are closer to where we parked the RV, instead of having to tug big Bertha along and hope to find a decent and available parking space for her wide hips... which believe me is a difficult thing to do in small towns and big cities. 

We have great ideas and plans before us.. 

The exploring capabilities are endless when you lay them out this way..

I can't wait to be able to hit the road soon and go discover what we can.

Well, I hope for you...

You can do the same!

Find your first step and get moving.. 

Oh, by the way... did I tell you how amazing it is to feel movement again and working towards a healthier lifestyle once again?

Covid for me was not a great experience in the lockdown department! 

I know that I am not alone in this so.. finding new ways to get moving .. is a great gift indeed!!!




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