Whats In The Box?

This question starts back over 4 months ago.. long really when you stop and think about the research we put into deciding this.. however.. the fun is the anticipation of what we find.. when we finally dive into..



 Henry loves to mountain bike.. hitting trails.. jumping off of things and sadly.. ending up in the ER!

YES, this has and does continue to be the truth and fact of it.. 

I always saw myself on a beach comber style bike with a basket on the handlebars.. cruising through the neighborhood, hitting the corner store or farmers market.. just having fun while staying fit! 

When Henry came home from one of his deployments, we purchased his and hers mountain bikes.. we road many times together before he deployed again but.. BUT when he left, I didn't enthusiatically jump back on it again.. 



It Hurt and I didn't find it enjoyable as I hoped I would. 

I have physical limitations that most bikes cant help me with.. and the first time I heard and saw a e-bike, the price tag on that thing was way over 3K on it.. so, way out of my price range! 

Time has certainly flown by.. technology is constantly advancing and as we have seen on YouTube, there are many influencers that have jumped on the bandwagon where e-bikes are concerned. You can pretty much type in a YouTube channel and find someone that has one of these bike, this has made researching them easier then jumping from one website to another without personal viewpoints and pictorial references as to what I am supposed to understand. 

When we decided to step into this purchase.. we needed to decided what was best for our family over all..

We live in a RV Full time..




Structure and Convenience

Longevity.. (Has to last) 

Price.. We are Sooooo not rich

Ease of operation and maintenance

Storage..(Can we store these easily or not)

Will these ideas make it worth the purcahse or will I get so frustrated and want to call it quits like I did that last time?

Months and what seemed like endless months of research lead me back to Lectric Bikes, I know.. I know.. these are like one of the major and more popular bikes on YouTube right now however, after looking into more then 100 different bikes, it always seemed to come back to this one.. 

March of 2021 we invested in purchasing 2 e-bikes, 1 standard and 1 step-thru, we already knew going into this that they would be on back order and we would have a wait on our hands to get them.. as long as we would eventually get them, I was OK with it. 

Time went spring came and gone.. 

We did receive an email explaining the situation with the current orders  as well as an apology for the delay, a little while later we were informed about a new model being released in the summer and those that have been waiting for their orders if desired could get a discount on the new product and still not lose our place in line. 

Henry and I talked about it and decided to upgrade our current order for the new 2.0 version. 

After several more weeks of waiting we finally received our first email with a tracking number and notification that our bikes were being worked on, as soon as they were completed they would ship. We were given ideas and inforamtion about shipping and how it works.. the funny thing is that the order was split and we never knew my husbands bike shipped!.. 

One Saturday out of the blue, a knock on the door and we have a bike at our door!! 

The original shipping order I guess is for the completed order and is slapped on the remaining bike, which I am guessing is mine.. and that hasnt shipped yet. 

One week later the tracking number is activated and my phone starts to ping regularly....

This is when all hell breaks loose!

The bike ends up in a different state and then the tracking stops....

5 days later It arrives in our state of Virginia.. but another City, then nothing! 

3 Days ...

Then the tracking states delivery failed

We called Fedex and try to figure out what the issue is.. long and short.. the person really didn't know and instead of just being honest and stating that they came up with a long story. 

I was told that it would take an additional 7 days.. for it to arrive from a warehouse that is only 88 miles from our place because they couldn't have called to verify our address.. and they wont allow us to drive there to pick it up as they don't have tracking to know where in the warehouse it was at this time. 

This didn't fly well for us, after a very long conversation.. we were told that it would be delivered the next day after 2pm. 

That never happened.

Finally Thursday.. It arrived, just in time for the 4th of July weekend! 

The delivery person was not to careful with my package, just dumped it like they didn't care and damage was done to the bike. Luckily we have been able to take care of the issues we have found to date, the rest are minor scratches to the paint. 

The bike is all that we cold have asked for and has been fun to ride. Getting used to the pedal assist and sitting on a tiny seat has been something new for sure.. my butt is sore but, I am having fun and so has my hubby. 

We have laughed at the idea that we through it would be difficult to get used to and He thought he would miss riding his mountain bike but really does enjoy riding this new e-bike so, he doesn't feel like he is missing anything. 

Even with the damage that occurred from shipping was a testament to the durability of this bike and we have really had a great time. 

The company has also come out with new accessories for this bike so, if your interested in possbily buying one, check out the options available to you. 

Go out and explore, find new roads to take and scenery to take in.. life is about the journey we all take. 

Have a wonderful time.

Make Awesome Memories

Love One Another



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