The Price is WHAT?


Married life can be rather interesting when you life spouse is filled with.. squirrel syndrome! 

The weather once again in Virginia Beach area has been.. storms of the heavy rain and thunder variety, ugh!! We start to plan things to do that require for "NO WATER" however, the weather doesn't want to be nice for the times that we need for it to be so.. things are always on a "NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE" and we just can't right now.. we are one a solid schedule.. darn it! 

After many long and heavy years.. (deployment and TDY's) my husbands computer has finally said "see ya homie .. Im done!) now this is amazing in all if you actually think about it.. This computer has lasted 9 plus years, multiple deployments and trips overseas.. enduring heavy transitions of climates, travel and well.. abuse of all kinds "AND" has survived!  However..this time its no longer taking updates, the color wheel of death has risen and now.. it just has stopped doing the job needed.. its now Time to bury this poor thing and bing into our home a new one to get the job done.

To gain access to our military discounts that apple offers, you must first order through the military link on the bottom of the apple store online, go through the ID link (to verify affiliation) then open your account. What we did first was go into the store, see what was available and what would be the best one for us.. or actually Henry, since there are so many differing types and the new M1 chip. we wanted someone to explain what is actually the benefits for the purchaser so, we made the correct decision.  

While we were in the store we noticed other deals going on, products and such.. with Fathers Day upon us I knew that I wanted to replace Henry's broken watch so, I added that to the list of hopeful ideas.  We window shopped around, asked the crew about certain things.. 

** One big thing I love about the Apple store, is that the items you buy,  you can take classes in the store with others and learn how to effectively use the item you bought, from iPods, iPads and on.. also they give creative classes so you can use the applications that are popular in the App Store. FYI.. 

Once, we figured out what laptop we would like.. and I had an idea for a dad gift for the hubby so.. "Online Shopping" was a GO!

Came home... placed the order and picked it up the next day! 

Fun Fun Fun .. is when you spend the next day setting up your new items .. from updates, backing up systems, transferring files and then resetting the original laptop to factory setting... its not a 5 minute process.. its a full day thing! 

Don't laugh to much.. our lovely RV has great equipment however, I haven't used most of them through all of their functions or completely understood how to use them. One such item was the multi-function of the Convection Microwave... I get the microwave thing however, its the convection part that completely throws me for a loop! The manual for it was only 6mages and not very informative, the YouTube videos are for differing models and unsure of how the options on mine actual mean or do .. however, I decided with this breakfast cake, I would attempt to make and find out if I can do it! 

Purpose.. not to heat up the house so much in the summer time, save propane, learn about this kitchen hardware and try to use it more often when I can, with many different recipes! 

Learning afterwards that I didn't pre-heat the oven like I should have was why the ends were a little more dark then I had wanted "HOWEVER".. it all came out beautifully in the end! 

Tasted Great




Still have more to learn about this specific Appliance and I can't wait to try more recipes, this should also help keep the house from being intensely hot during the summer since I use the oven frequently! 

This week hubby had to be at work as they (Marines) had to do their CFT's (Combat Fitness Testing) .. it is intense and leaves everyone exhausted by the end of it, early morning and long afternoons by the time it is all done. 

One of the many projects my husband is working on is finishing the last part of carving animal heads for the Children's Bible Camp for this summers activities. He created a "Hot" wire to carve through larger chunks of Styrofoam that is being used to accomplish this, its not easy to get it done and it leave a large snow ball mess behind! 

One of the many things we have been dealing with is the continued running around Virginia and all the military bases around here to get continued care for Henry. It hasn't been a simple thing as ..

Make an appointment here.. get seen here


Its need your eyes checked.. go here

Need and X-ray.. go there

Need an MRI.. sorry you have to go there

Need continued treatment.. we can't see you, not enough providers

Oh.. you need this but, we will have to refer you somewhere.. oh, they can't see you.. your on a wait list! 

He has been bounced around like a ball ..

Anyways.. this is a topic that makes me so angry and both in tears at the same time! 

He has more and more appointments, the funny and truest fact is that its a hurry up and wait when being seen at military facilities.. 

We always bring books, movies on tables and so on or work to be done while we wait.

During this time Henry worked on 2 test needed to get done for school.. 


He had a few appointments for this day.. so it was a very long day to handle with heavy drive times in between. 

Fun for the Guys this week.. was they went to the adventure park as part and parcel of bonding.. UNIT BONDING! .. it turned into a young and old thing..  You can catch last weeks video below!

Besides being beat and bruised.. they had a blast and most overcame the fear of being up high in the trees. 

Henry and I plan on doing this together as a couples thing later this fall when its not so hot but, I will not be doing the black diamond course! 

Some cost effective things that I have learned to do for myself and to stay on top of my diet ( as I know myself) 

1. make a meal plan
2. shop at home
3. place online order

This keeps me from buying quick items that are kept on the end caps as quick sale items, buying multiple items filled with sugars and going when he grocery store is filled with people so, I know I will end up impulse buying cause it takes longer to get through the store then before. 

Having a meal plan allows me to know what I am going to cook throughout the week which allows me to know what I need.

Shopping through the house makes sure that I don't repurchase items I already have also, I use items that I have and won't expire. 

The long and shot also by doing this is... I save money!

One of the hard parts about holidays is being in new locations and not knowing how things work in the area, with us living in a high touristy location we decided to get things we needed then stay at home so, as to not trip over people and get aggravated over the drama that could and did happen.  Henry deals with Combat Trauma and we have decided a long time again to make us both comfortable in our celebrations by watching fireworks from far away locations, limit crowded areas, exterior stimuli is limited to keep everyone calm and enjoyable however, if it gets to much pack it in and go home! 


Vehicle Accidents

Near Drownings

Summer Fun Y'all!

As Virginia Beach tends to have on a regular basis.. storms.. and we have had and seem to continue to have more and more rain..  As we prepared for Tropical Storm Claudette .. more rain fell with high winds.

Thanks for watching!


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