Campground Review (Kentucky Trip)

 On our magnificent journey to Kentucky we stayed at a few campgrounds so.. since these places were new to us.. thought to tell you if they were good or bad.. or stay or pass.. 

None of them I can say are passes, there are some things you just need to know in advance to be prepared for before you get there. We enjoyed each of our quick stops at each of them and really have "NO" issues with any of these places, this again is our opinion and if you are in the area as with us, will gladly stay again easily. 

When we drove into Kentucky we stayed at the Army Recreation Facility known as 

* Camp Carlson Army Recreation Campground:

Camp Carlson Army Campground

**This is the Fort Knox location just outside of Muldraugh Kentucky. I would give you a little warning that if your going to be dependent on a RV GPS, Trucker GPS, or use your vehicles GPS.. you will find it difficult to just using these as we couldn't get them to locate it by the facility address posted on their website. For some odd reason, it wouldn't except the US 60 as a location and had to drop a pin on a map to get it to work properly however, we were able to use our camping apps to find them on our phone.**

The campground is beautifully and well maintained, the map you are given easily shows how the campground is easily laid out, all sites are visibly listed and quickly found.  One area is for RV sites, another is for strictly tent camping, another area is for renting picnic areas for parties and other types of events. 

This campground has a lake as well as a river that is easily accessible for you to get to for outdoor activities. 

If it wasn't for the simple fact that I was sick, it would have been wonderful to explore more then just a few sites around our RV and read online what was available.. dang it!! 

Ups.. great location, beautiful grounds, easily to get in and out, 50 & 30 amp. 

Downs... ants.. and mosquitos .. bad but, with maintaining the area kept that under control, NO WIFI or Cell services. Unless you had the ability to put up a tall omni-directional antenna.. you were not getting a signal. We have AT&T and Verizon.. 1 bar..everyone else around us.. no signal. On the websites.. no signals was a big issue and the campground doesn't provide wifi. 

Overall.. with that wifi or cell signal issue, its not a massive draw back as the beauty of where you are and the sites that you can go and check out are right there near this place bring it to be something worth staying then not.. 

* Fox Fire KOA

KOA Fox Fire

Located in Milton West Virginia off of a side street and tucked off the interstate, this is actually a really cool place to stay.  They had all our information waiting for us and escorted us to our site right after check in. 

It is pet friendly, has many activities for children to play at and 3 ponds to play and pets can go with your family. 

This place has sites for large RV's and are spaced so that you are NOT going to hit your slides when you open them if someone parks next to you. The sites are long and make it easy to park into your spot. 30 & 50 Amp services are available at the sites. 

They offer a great store plus wifi however, the more are streaming on the system the slower and harder it is to watch a movie.. just to let you know.

Cell services were good for both providers (AT&T and Verizon)

This is defiantly a place we would like to come back to if we travel again through West Virginia. 

*Luray KOA

KOA Luray

Located near the Luray Caverns in Virginia, tucked away off of a US Highway.. if your interested in visiting this wonder, this campground offers a great place to be. 

There was a warning posted on the website by several campers how the entrance to the road leading to the KOA was very tight, you come from a 55MPH to a slow 35MPH tight turn on to a narrow road that will get you to the KOA, the posters state to slow down severely before coming to the road as it happens quickly. 


The road comes up quickly and you need to take it slowly, the road is narrow and if your carrying a large RV on coming travelers could be leaving so take it slow. 

At the time of our arrival do to Covid restrictions it was a "NO" contact check in, so you picked up your information off of a clip board outside the door. 

The sites are easily located, simple understanding as to how the roads flow and to get to your site. Gravel sites with concrete picnic pads.. beautiful park and camping cabins for those without RVs too. 

The sites were nicely spaced to allow for not camping right up on top of each other, there was 30 & 50 amp offered at the sites plus limited wifi so, don't count on it but, our cellphones worked great. 

Only down side to this place besides the drive in on that tight turn is.. the tree decorations. The trees are planted in such a way that can hinder certain types of RV's from parking and turning into your site or leaving that site. This is what we found at our location, one of the trees at our site was wide and the branches stretched just low and far enough to touch the top of our truck.. if we would have attempted to pull our RV through the site when we left, it would have scrapped the crap out of our RV or torn off the awning so, we decided it was best to back out of the spot and go around the area back to the beginning.. making it easier in the long run to get out of the park. 

This is a place we will come back to as we enjoyed the location and found the proximity to the caverns to be a great location to visit for some exploration too.

* Prince William Forest RV Campground:

*Prince William Forest RV Park

Located in Dumfries Virginia, tucked away .. this is a National Park near Quantico. It has the view and feel of an older state park that hasn't had the upgrades that some of the other parks have had recently. The sites are long and are able to fit a larger RV likes ours but, are limited. 

With the fact that it is a Park, the roads are narrow and you will have to pay attention to over-hanging trees and brushes as you drive through with your RV. We were told that the speed limit is for the exact purpose to keep from damaging your RV and hurting children that could be running around the park. 

It was very quiet during our stay and we were tucked in the back during our time there.. we had 30 & 50amp hook up available at each site on our row and spaced to allow for comfort but, again it was such spaced to allow for the max they could hold in a national park. You were not cramped but.. not a very large site. 

Being that we were so close to DC, this is a great place to stay near the area and tucked away from the major traffic area that we found just to get to a grocery store.  Was easy to check in and leave when it was our time to go.  

This will be one of the sites we go back to when visiting the area again in the future. 

Well.. these were the locations we stayed at on our quick little journey around from Kentucky to West Virginia and on toe Quantico.. like I said.. nothing about these places are NO Go's but to just be aware of if you desire to stay. 

Hope you take care and have safe travels on your journey.



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