Making My Bed!

 What A PAIN!!!

Bumps.. Bruises.. Where did that one come from you ask?

Making My Bed!

RV Beds can be such a pain and from what I understand.. I am not the only one who deals with this issue!

Many of the problems with this stems from the fact that RV beds don't come in a standard measurement, NO the don't. 

Doesn't matter who created your RV ( Unless they use a domestic or "residential" size) there is no true standard sizing for RV Beds. When they create your RV, the companies decide what where the bed will go and contact a mattress company, make a deal as to what they can provide and "TADA" you have this weird sized bed.

We have lived "Full-time" in an RV for now 1 year and 1/2 years now, From our Grand Design Momentum to now our Forest Rivers Riverstone 42 FSKG, we have been in 2 differing bed formations. 

This current bed has multiple names for this size.. like

Olympic Queen

Junior King

Superior Queen (I have only heard twice before)

Slim King

I was told from the dealer it was a Junior King, which makes shopping for bedding extra interesting.. NOT!

The best way to deal with that is not pay attention to the names of which they state is your be size but measure the bed yourself by the length x width x depth.. this will help more then any name will!

I have used my standard queen size bedding for most of the time minus the fitted sheet, that was a king size and that was frustrating for most of the time because the depth was off and would come up at night, needing to be re-tucked in again every morning. 

Every day I spend roughly 10 minutes making my bed..

I am NOT kidding..I am not

The Grand Design was a bed that had under storage, this bed is a elevated style bed with a slick platform so.. the mattress constantly shifts.. UGH! 

Everyday is a struggle to reduce, shift the bed back and forth.. go from one side to the other, pushing the bed back in place and then dodge the cabinet handles that would leave bruises behind. 

Since Tampa I heard about 'Beddy's" however.. I thought people were saying beddings! I really didn't understand that it was a company that made bedding till I watched a rv channel that showed their bed and I thought that it was a great idea but.. I hemmed and haawwwed over the idea because.. 

Beddys Bedding

Im cheap!

The concept is really simple.. Its a complete bedset that is attached and adhered to a fitted sheet perse with the ease of making your bed as zipping up a sleeping bag! I am serious.. that simple! Where was this when my kids were growing up?!

After banging my shine for what I decided was the last time.. I took another look at the company and placed an order. 

I watched the videos that show "HOW TOO's" and What to knows.. Plus I read the complaints on this product so.. I learned from the ideas as to what I should be looking for. 

4 days later My Bedding arrived!!

It was so easy-is (my bed is freaking heavy) to make my bed

The quality of the bed was great

Its heavy and feels wonderful

I looked so excited at the idea to getting into bed and getting to sleep.

The next day was amazing, its very warm, I learned quickly that if you want the fluffy, plushy tucked in feeling.. you need to actually unzip the other side of the bed too. 

I was stubborn and didn't want to have to make the other side.. because I was stuck on what I have been dealing with for over a year... you need to unzip it!

It feels very comfy.. honestly I am not fibbying you.. and I was excited that it took me less then a minute to zip it up and I was done! 

So.. when hubby came home from his trip I asked after he slept in the bedding how he felt and he's sold on it too.. 

All the extra bedding that kept falling off, the untucked sheets, the comforter that always found its way to the floor, the overhanging mess that would hide the shows that we would find with our toes.. gone!

Yep.. im thankful for those that showed us the way! 

Thank you to: 


Keep Your Daydream

They showed on their channels.. Beddy! 

If your interesting in Beddy's I do have a referral code that will help give you a discount off your purchase. 

referral code

Have Fun and Make wonderful memories!



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