Our RV Tour of Abigail!


This has been a very long time coming, we had wanted to do this from the moment we brought Abigail home ๐Ÿ  however, the weather has NOT been in the mood to oblige. Taking the first ⛅️ sun filled day that popped up and not letting it go to waste, we quickly threw everything to chance.. and ran out, even with the freezing cold ๐Ÿฅถ wind whipping around our faces, attacked this adventure with gusto! 

Henry and I purchased the 2021 Riverstone Legacy 42 FSKG by Forest River. 


Hitch Weight:
3950 lb.
21000 lb.
17726 lb.
3274 lb.
Exterior Length:
44' 10"
Exterior Height:
13' 4"
Exterior Width:
Fresh Water:
95.00 gal.
Gray Water:
123.00 gal.
Black Water:
41.00 gal.
Awning Size:
11'6" & 16'


Abigail is a "BIG GAL" as you can see and very impressive up close and in person. When we first saw her at the Tampa RV Show.. we just couldn't believe that she was really ours until we saw the sold sticker with our name listed on the purchase sign. .. Sold! Rimkus Family! 

Many people asked us why we would pick a Show Rig.. well, we didn't per se' as Abigail was the next RV up in the production line as well as was slated to be sent to the RV show for them to show off the new design so, any extras we wanted to have .. we needed to have them ordered while she was being built, also Abigail was the only Riverstone Legacy on the East Coast being delivered at this time due to the Covid issues that have caused production delays so.. knowing we either put in the bid for her while she was in the line to be built or we would have to wait about 6 to 9 months for the next one.  We decided to add the items we wanted to bid for this one.. and we got it all together.. total wait time was less then 4 months. 

Knowing that she was going in as a "Show" RV meant that many people would be.. handling her and it may cause issues on the back side but, with the Dealer and Manufacturer both watching over this RV, we knew that we had things taken care of .. and any damage would be repaired before we took her home... 

All but 2 ( which were not issues from the RV Show however, by components post show) have yet to be repaired due to manufacturer issues and we are taking care of that currently. 

So.. we are finally here to go over this wonderful RV known to you as the model 42FSKG.. to us as Abigail. 

We will explain the likes and loves about our gal and why we chose her over the other options and even knowing the fact that she would first have to be placed on display at the show before we took her home.. why we were ok with that. 

So, Let's get started shall we?

(Just to let you know before watching the video.. the scope of video recording feature that was on at time is not the correct setting so, it gives off a fishbowl view and looks odd, that was not our intent. )

Our Abigail comes with a Silver Body paint with swirls of Black, Blue, Grey and White accents. She has 5 slides, 3 axles, 2- 40 lbs. propane tanks, . 2 pass through storage bays, 2 driver side storage compartments, 1 passenger storage compartment, 1 enclosed wet bay, 1 storage compartment for black tank tube., 1 electronic wheel for 50 Amp power cord. 1 50inch TV entertainment system. 2 electronic awnings and an Onboard generator. 

Abigail also has a self contained garage. Large enough to hold a motorcycle, Trike, Golf Cart, or Razor for Desert dune riding... Or should you fancy other activities, you can store bicycles, carts, other items for other things that continue to entertain you in your endeavors during your travels. This after all is meant to be used as your see fit!

Inside Abigail she contains a full kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. 

Lets start with my favorite area which is the kitchen..

The kitchen was the large focus of our home life when we married, it was a a communal spot and we focused our eyes on being able to come together, share meals, talk and invite others over to eat together and enjoy each others company once more. Just because we live in an RV doesn't mean we are limited in life but, live limitless by our dreams.  so.. this was a wonderful point for us to see having it come back to us. 

Our living room.. 
When we moved into Charlotte, we learned much about how to deal with an RV.. stop a water leak, deal with hydraulics that could lock up, a tire blow out on the interstate.. how to load and unload a bike in high winds.. we dealt with much but, we knew we needed to start somewhere. In Charlotte, we had a very small living area, the kitchen and living/dining area were one. We would eat, sit and watch TV in the same spot.. I would dance around everyone to cook and clean up.. but, I did what I could for the time we decided to do this. 

When we decided to move into a newer model and purchased Abigail we new space was key for what we desired.. that was why our lifestyle was something we needed to be more aware of. having dedicated space for us to site and eat.. cook and well.. breathe was obvious.

This layout gave us just that.. we cooked and eat in one area.. while we entertained and enjoyed other peoples company in another. Abigail is a gem! A bonus item is that we also have a desk or office space to do our work at that helps us "NOT" to have to pull out a sofa or create an office space from an area that already exists in the RV and re-create it into something else... its already there ready to use and I can get to work right now! 

The Bathroom:

Since we first the RV Life we never had any.. ANY storage in the bathroom at all.. I would have to find places to stick the toilet paper and bathroom towels so, I could have ready access when we needed hygiene supplies. 

Abigail now has cabinets and hooks that allow us to have places to put all we need for the bathroom, actually in the bathroom. I can buy the items needed and have them in storage but.. I have what is readily needed where it is actually needed and we don't need to hunt it down to try and remember where we stuck it the last time. 

Our Bedroom:

We started out with a RV Queen and have now ended up with a RV King .. which is nice. we also have a wonderful space of dresser and closet plus our washer and dryer so, I no longer have to find a washateria to do laundry ๐Ÿงบ or.. pay so so much money to wash our clothes. We have a nice place to sleep at night and a wonder space that is our home. 

From the amenities that include a Dyson vacuum, a dishwasher, Ice Maker, a Wifi Router, we also have a Solar Panel and inverter. She also has the firefly electronic onboard system, that allows us to monitor and control her systems from the touch panel and an application from our phones. This has been a true learning curve for us as we have only dealt with the standard buttons and had to physically monitor all controls coming and going from leveling, slides, awnings and tanks. 

There is MUCH to love about Abigail.. much that we are still learning about all that she can do.  We are looking forward to more trips we will be taking with her. The adventures to come and all we can do. 

Even with the small hiccups: Onboard camera system failure.. JBL Surround System header broken. 
These are small issues that don't take away from the fact that she's a great RV that has so much more to offer then the small problems that all RV's come with. After all.. its a moving HOME on wheels that has to deal with a category 3 to 4 earthquake every time we move. 

We are NOT disappointed in our purchase.. we love ๐Ÿ’• Abigail.. and can't wait to get to traveling soon!

I hope you enjoyed this tour and if you would like to ask any questions ..please do. 

(Pictures provided by our dealer when she was first delivered from factory, I choose those to post before we put our pictures and things on the wall)

Thanks for being a part of the journey.. see ya soon.



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