Missed Opportunities!

 Some of the things I will miss when not paying attention is.. my husbands funnies..

UGH 🤦‍♀️ he flies at the seat of his pants creating from his crazy mind some of the wildest moments and if I am not ready.. well, I miss it! 

I can honestly tell that I am NOT a professional YouTube or videographer.. though I love the opportunity that I get to be able to find moments and create from them.. Its those moments that I find that are precious and I draw from quite often. 

One of the difficulties I find is.. when I forget to hit the record button ⏺ and miss those off the wall, fly by the seat of his pants moments that come out of my husbands mind of his.. they are so .. I can't explain it, but real and him and WOWZA but, because I hesitated.. flinched and didn't catch it, I missed recording it and capturing raw, unscripted moments that are a treasure and now, Only I have to remember! 

Its like those rare moments when you walk along a path in the hills or maybe along a beach somewhere and you find something, a bird, 🦢 or a waterfall or maybe something that you see off in the distance that is just a beautiful moment and you can't explain it, you can't capture it but.. you witnessed it so, there is the recess of your mind, will be that treasure that you can only recall for yourself. 

Henry and I wanted to record this journey we are taking.. as we are getting ever closer to his retirement and will start cruising the country to see all the wonders that this beauty known as "God's Country" .. and desired to just be able to share the places we went, the people we met, the ups and downs of it all and what comes of it so, with it we are learning how to document it however.. there is the pitfall of it and one of it is, Hank works full-time in a secured facilities that no unsecured government electronic devices are allowed... and that included personal cellphones. 📱 I have to resort to the old time standby of emailing my love bug and waiting till he is in his office to actually read it. Fun Fun Fun 🤩 With that being said.. I am at this point the one who is basically recording well.. everything, remembering and learning how to film, document what we did and then I have learned after countless hours of watching YouTube "HOW TO's" to put things together.  We will work towards learning to film this journey.. together. 

Sometimes on long drives or when we have chores to do.. which means we have thing that we have to pick up in town so.. conversations coming up like..REMEMBER WHEN'S..

Remember songs.. kids foods, things we did or places we went but, during one of the interesting 🤔 things that we were talking about was like how our favorite food items changed. 

When I was young my friends and I would get Jolly Ranchers, they didn't cost much like 15 cents and hey were BIG...we would save up and buy a bunch of them to save in our lockers so, we could chill out and not eat in the cafeteria at school .. since we would save money for the days that they served the food we like.. like PIZZA! 🍕 those were the days that were great.. wonderful memories, just laughing about things we heard and the dreams of the future.. 

As my husband and I were talking about those days.. he goes and calls me  OLD! Look whose talking, Mr Grandpa old bar! As the conversation continues.. we started talking about the idea as to seeing our family growing and where they will be in the years to come, seeing our grand babies get older and being around to see our great and maybe our great great grand babies.. 

How would you fill if you had the opportunity to be here and around to see your future family come around.. somewhere in the far off future? WOW.. how amazing would that be?

With life's ups and downs.. we have seen and been through so many crazy moments but, the one true thing has been, that we have been lucky to have each other to make support and stand by one another through it all. sharing in the struggles and the joys of each and every memory, I am one luck gal!

The weather has continued to be wonky, wanky and crappy at best.. we still have to get through the current mess of storms heading our way and more trips to the hospitals for making sure Hank is well.. I finally have a trip to see one for myself. Since Covid has made seeing a doctor in person a strange new event lately, we have been set to limited times and a strict structure so much so that I haven't been able to see a doctor for months.. I did see one online. 

Valentines Day is upon us.. as Hank and I are looking over the holidays and what is going on and seeing the different perspectives that couples consider.. we were laughing 😆 over how old we are.. 

Some will find that its romantic to go out to a special dinner, go somewhere and find a public setting to be with each other on a date meant for 2. 

We 2 old foggies prefer to be just us.. eat what we like, cuddle 🥰 up and either watch a movie 🍿 or play video games, maybe 🤔 even take a long walk before we call it a night. To us that is what we consider special and romantic.. and well.. FUN! 🤩 One thing that we don't consider fun and romantic.. is going to a crowded place, attempting to have a conversation over everyones loud talking, then not being able to be close and loving on a day that is meant for couples.. a time when showing love and affection and that is what this day is supposed to be about. 

The Temperatures have gone up and down time and time again.. we kept thinking that who in their right mind would decide to RV in the long winter months? We live in a large metal box.. 📦 you must keep this thing in mind on how to handle weather fluctuations.  I don't like the cold as you all can tell, the funny issue is my husband will chase me with his icy fingers.. its torture by icy hubby fingers! As the time continues the current weather forecast is more and more rain 🌧.. yeah! 

Oh, we have found that with our RV that she didn't come with an internal filtration system so, we needed to think of great options to make sure we are putting into place ways to make sure Abigail and her pipes and plumbing 🪠 that we depend on works and will continue to do so for years to come. We head out to Home Depot once more to take pick up more insulation and heat lines for the new water softener we purchased and well as the new inline water filtration system we purchased can be temporarily installed as to not create anymore problems with our water 💧 coming into the RV. This will take time but, we will be getting that done today.. so off to the store and this project is a GO before the storms hit us again. 

Well.. Thanks for sticking around and being here for the fun while I ramble on. 

Take care and see you soon.



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