You Don't Know, What You Don't Know


When Henry and I decided on this course of life, to live full-time in an RV.. we started to gather as much information as we could to make sure we would be making the best decisions we could.

We watched countless hours of YouTube Videos, with what todo and not with purchasing, to look for in an RV, hidden gems that are in certain types and the like. Read many different companies information and reviews, it was a lot of information. 

We were told about renting an RV and different types to "try" them out and see how they work and which one may be more to our liking and so on.. well eh. OH OK.. 👍 

So.. lets get down to some truth on this.. and lets explain something that these things that we did still won't fill you in on that until you are actually doing this in truth! 

We knew that we would have to have a toy-hauler style RV right off, since we have a motorcycle. Since we are going to live in the RV full-time, we needed space, the ability to have functionality, and comfort ac/heat and insulation. 

We tossed around Used and New

The advice that was given over and over was sound so, we took it. 

Find the one that you can afford to get out and start the journey, figure out the ups and downs and if over time you need something different, trade it in and move into a different RV with the knowledge you have gained.  Yes, you will take a hit on the value of the RV.. RV's are always a loss but, your not in this to make money, at least not us.. we want the memories that we gain from the experiences we can make! 

So.. this is the purpose of it all..

Henry and I have been in this RV since April, thought technically we have owned Charlotte since March, due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to pick her up till March. 

Eight months later, 2 long road trips, we have learned much about Charlotte as well as what we Like 👍  and Dislike 👎 about our RV and have decided to share this with you all so, that you have an honest understanding of what to consider for yourself when and if you decide to go RV Shopping. 

Henry's has decided to start with his Dislikes 👎 

1: Very Bad Dealer Experience.. 

* Lied about repairs made

* RV was NOT Ready for PICK up

* Dirty/Waste inside tanks etc

2: Garage Insulation...

* Gets cold in ❄️ Winter

*Hot  🥵 in Summer

* If door  🚪 to garage is left open, changes temp in the rest of RV

3:Carpeted Flooring...

*Bedroom has carpet

*Sofa area & the kitchen appliances area are carpeted

* Collects Dirt easy and smells

Henry's Likes: 👍 

1: All Components Worked

* Electronic

* Appliances

* Mechanics 

2: Size...

* 38 ft 

* Easier to maneuver 

* Simple living size

3: Easy to Work On...

* Electrical

* Water lines

* Cable

Robyn's Likes 👍 

1: System Layout

* Leveling System

* Slide Controls

* Lights & Pump

* Heater * AC

2:  Floor Plan 

* Simplicity of layout

* Access of Bathroom and Bedroom during travel 🧳 

3: Ramp as Patio

* Extra Space

* Outside Area

Dislikes 👎 

1: Lack of Storage

* limited area to place items

* garage only accessible when Motorcycle isn't stored

* Cargo area is packed with stabilization needs and no room for more than that. 

2: Garage

* takes up living space when bike is stored

* limited ability for storage 

* no insulation/ limited to exterior temperatures 

3: Living Area

* Center Island constricts movement

* Closed off garage leaves limited living area

We love ❤️ our RV, this isn't to bash the RV what so ever.. if you were taking Charlotte out for a month or so at a time or the season... she would be a great RV however, to live in her for years, is another matter. 

Since, we didn't know what to expect and besides the fact that our experience with RV's was well very limited in experience and only knowledge was by others, it was by truly hitting the road and gaining this first hand that we knew what was right for us.

Knowing we needed more living area, storage  and still have the ability to store the bike was very important to us. 

We carry not just us but our 2 overly stinky and lovable pups Pumba and Timon, it is for their health and comfort too that we are concerned for as well. 

This after all is our HOME 🏠 its not a vacation option for us, though later on after the Marine Corps is behind us, we will seek the world we live in and find the beauty we have longed to see.

We also knew with buying Charlotte that we were starting something new and would more then likely upgrade into a different style of RV later on. It is said that most people who live in this style change RV's at least 5 times. Reasons are more due to the fact that we change our styles and experiences of Camping 🏕 the more we learn and the more we find what we like and change over time. 

It is through this that we understand more about this lifestyle. 

So.. like the title states...

You don't know .. what you don't know!

You can't

How would you?

Unless you try this for yourself, you wouldn't being to know where to start.. and sometimes this is the best way to learn.

Thanks for being a part of the journey and being here.

Henry and Robyn


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