Virginia, Virginia, Virginia

 We are now in the lands of "VIRGINIA"

West Virginia and be it at its best.. its only.. VIRGINIA! I heard it said in the movie that it was named after "Queen Elizabeth" the Virgin Queen. If that is true or false I don't know.. but, it sounds interesting doesn't it? 

So, we are in the land of Virginia making our way further still and we are almost there, just still to far to say we are done but, close enough to feel that dread that hubby will have to go back to work soon, we will be stuck in a stay in place location once again, waiting to see when we will be able to travel. With most of the states bouncing back and forth with Covid restrictions and restructuring, we never know what it truly is and how the next time we will be able to go on a long drive again. 

The next place we are setting up for a stop is a Corps of Engineers location called Longwood Park in Clarksville Virginia. 

Longwood Park

Finding the park was a breeze, it was a tad difficult backing in to the spot itself. I would say to over exaggerate you RVs size so you get the site that fits.. we fit but it was tight. Now, the area was BEAUTIFUL.. I am so loving all this lush greenery! The sad fact is that a storm front came in from the hurricane that hit Louisiana and brought constant rain 🌧 the entire time we were there.. even with all the rain, the spots were still taken up and seems to be a coveted location for people to come to. I say that this is a very lovely local and definitely a place to come back and stay! 

After 4 nights at the COE, we moved on to Davis Lakes Resorts only a few hours shy of our final destination and a quick way to hang out and do some "Spying" on the place we intend to call home for a while. 

Davis Lakes Resort 

Davis Lakes is located right off the highway.. and next to a neighborhood. there is a beautiful lake setting that the whole area seems like, a hidden gem that unless you knew it was there.. you would never have guessed it even existed! 

From here we jumped on the bike and made a trip into Virginia Beach to see where it is we would be staying also to figure out the best and safest route into the location. We also went by the realtor to let them know we are in town so, if they needed anymore information from us we could take care of it now instead of at the last moment. Once done, we looked around the area and then headed. back to the park to relax and plan for the actual move in day. 

Since we had a couple of days still here.. we were just going to enjoy our moments and just be! 

Until tomorrow then, we will talk later. 

Thanks for sticking around and hope to see you again next week.

Robyn and Hank!


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