Rocky Mountain Mama- Kentucky


We are heading to Kentucky.. 

The continued laughter and comedic relief from the hubby is continuing. and as we head into Kentucky we are going meet up with a friend of ours that man.. we haven't seen in such a very long long time.  

A conversation commences about weather and weather patterns.. to me what difference does it make if its a hurricane or a tornado.. wind will destroy what ever it can and I have lived in places that had lifted up or ripped apart what you would think was the strongest of buildings.. so, I don't like any idea of being caught up in or around a weather pattern that could change at a drop of a hat. I would suggest that if you are new to RV'ing, to purchase and carry with you at all times a NOAA Weather Radio, if you have one to make sure while traveling that you continue to update you location so, your receiving the proper and local warnings. 

NOAA Weather Radio

As we traveled deeper into Kentucky searching for our next stay, the landscape changed with great beauty and you can see why it is loved by those who live out here. 

Our next stop and stay is Fort Boonesborough State Park, where we will stay for 2 days before we carried on into W.Virginia but.. that's getting way ahead of ourselves, Lets just focus on right here and right now ok?

Fort Boonesborough State Park 

Within this stop we will meet our friend who now works as a Games Warden, he moved over into this career after his time in the Navy. We have stayed friends.. well like I have said, he is family so, that will never change. After being on completely different sides of the US, we will get to meet up and also meet his girlfriend and just hang for some time. 

During our visit, we went to a bourbon distillery and sampled some of their product as well as did a tour of their facilities then we went on to throw down some Axes! 🪓 

It was great fun, we enjoyed our time together and made plans to meet up again once we settled at our new location. Times certainly pass by quickly and then its time to move on once more! 

We found ourselves getting another cancelation so, we located an RV Park in Princeton WV called Brush Creek Falls. Luckily for us they had a spot that gave us a place to relax for the night as for the other areas  were full. 

Brush Creek Falls RV Resort

The location was off of a very narrow and windy road and at a few turns you felt like you didn't go the right way however, once you get to where it is your going.. your golden! The place is laid out "REALLY" nice and if you have kiddos ..AND.. its during travel season (we went off season) they have mining games, mini golf, it looked like they had many other fun things like water slides and such. 

The location was lovely and when we woke it was to a deep fog that surrounded our location, however it had us mesmerized by the beauty of it. 

we waited till it was safe for us to leave and made our way farther still east.. 

Thank you for following us today and I hope that you stay with us and see us again next week!

Hank and Robyn


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