We Will Figure It Out!


What Is Going On NOW?

The RV Market has just gone bonkers, the backup on orders is delayed (depending on what company) from 3 to 12 months on orders. Some RV Dealers are almost empty due to people so tired of the lockdown and restrictions that they all want to break free and just get away from their homes 🏠 no matter what or who they can do it!.

After talking with you all about the things we liked and disliked about our RV, we always knew there would come a day that we would like to upgrade and move into the one that we felt best suited our situation and better understandings. 

With Henry having several more years left before retirement..there is much for us to think about, especially since we live in our RV full-time so.. yeah 

Lately, we have been getting offers from many places about new and used RV's at discounted rates with the options and discounts that are really well.. good on paper 📄 all things are different when you get in person with the financing people but.. the question still remains.. 

Is it the best time right now to change things up? ⬆️ 

We have laid things out in a way so, we were comfortable in life.. 

So, what do we do.. 

We still need something to place  IVY and all the needs to go with traveling with a motorcycle 🏍 

We definitely need storage space, this isn't negotiable.. we have several years remaining in the military, we have 2 dogs and do many different things, we need to be able to store these items safely as we actively use them. 

Speaking of my husband being in the Marine Corps, he changes clothes so often that I am determined this time, to have a washer and dryer be added .. after the last big travel and not finding a washateria to clean our clothes and some of the places charging what would be more then 2 weeks of fuel to wash our clothes.. this is a need over a want. 

We need a generator and I am looking into solar panels to help with energy consumption. 

So much to consider.. however, what style will it come down to?

Will it still be a towable or a motorized?

We have been looking at Class A's, Super C's and still the Toy Haulers. 

Much much much to think about .. 


Henry and I found a Tiffin Allegra Red that was very appealing to us, its a Class A and came with many options that we had wanted for our RV. This also gave us the ability to add a lift to the rear hitch to put the bike 🏍 on and flat tow the car 🚙 behind us.  

This would be near on perfect all around, plenty of storage, easier setup/breakdown, travel vehicles to explore and within our price range. 

We began the setup and placed all on the table, put down a deposit, 💵 filled out the application 📝 the financial guy was like 👍 your good, lets get this going with the banks and what we can get for you. 

This is when everything went screw ball crazy 😜 

** YOUR Great on paper 📄 
** Debt to Income Spot On
** Credit Score Great 👍 
****You have everything that is needed however, you have never taken out a lone above the amount listed for the RV you desire to purchase so, WE ( all 3 financial companies) said we are a risk that they can't take. 

This is called High Line Credit - never dealt with this before but, Henry and I have never purchased a home so, we never dealt with Mortgages or items that would fall within that means. 

Though we live in our RV full-time and we take what is in all sense and purposes a "Mortgage"  just no escrow, the financing is still considered for a recreational style loan not a home loan. The financial institutions haven't caught up to the world yet on differing ways to live, maybe someday, just not yet.

The funny 😁 thing about this is, we were told we could qualify right now for nearly 500k in a home loan.. 💵 then, after 2 years of gaining equity in that place, we then can purchase the RV with no issues! 

Buy 1 property, then another..

To me that is financially irresponsible and way outside of what I am willing to do, also I just got rid of all my belongings to live in an RV, I want to live light not be burdened with a home 🏠 

Plus, it took Henry and I years to get ourselves on track..

Live within our means, pay off debt, buy used.. fix it up, don't over extend, save. This is what we have been told to do, its the responsible thing to do.. so, we have been. 

Also, side note here.. 

Being a family in the military comes with the idea that we can and do move frequently. I have friends who have purchased a house, couldn't sale it when orders came so, they attempted to rent their homes out. Trying the best that they could still ended up with them having renters that destroyed their home, needing to get loans to repair it, money to file with courts to get restitution orders and lost time of being able to rent the property out so, they were stuck paying rent in one location and their mortgage at another. NO, this I know isn't the average but, it happens more then you realize and I wasn't going to put my family at risk, that is why we put the idea of buying a house as an option for after this military life. 

So, hearing that because we have lived frugal and never spent or financed anything over 150K range, we couldn't get the Tiffin, now where did that leave us? 

The sales and financial guy at the dealership we were talking with gave us options that would be open and what we could do... 

We prayed over them as we needed to think about what we wanted to do for us.. 

We know its going to be within that range and now are unsure of what to do

We will figure it all out.. 

God is good and we asked from the beginning, if this is for us, then guide us but, if not then slam it shut.. and well.. that is closed and sealed as you can see.. 

Much learned! 

Thanks for being here and I hope you now understand this..

We sure do.

Hank and Robyn


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