Home Sweet Home-Base

 We have finally Arrive!!!

This is it.. we are here.. this is the place that we will be living for the next few years! 

Thought we purposefully took 28 days to get here, taking our sweet time to just enjoy ourselves, a mini life vacation in the midst of a PCS Move.. it has come to an end .. as this is it!

We checked out of our spot in the morning and slowly made our way here, we had to stop off at the realtors office to pick up the security passes that allows us to access the property that we are staying on, though a tight tuck into the Walmart near the business, we were able to just sit for a minute and collect ourselves. 

For some odd reason, people think that we can just stop on a dime and that isn't the case. We had a vehicle cut us off to stop 🛑 short of a red light causing us to slam on the breaks and end up in the middle of an intersection.. people, people, people.. STOP DOING THIS PLEASE! 

We were ok, and we did have to go into the RV to make sure nothing serious had shifted also that IVY didn't come free of the tie downs. Blessings all around as everything was ok!

Once we secured our tags, 🏷 we started our journey into the resort. 

There was construction everywhere and we drove "SLOW" turtle 🐢 slow. Once we got there Hank went inside to introduce himself and also the ladies held open the gate until the RV was fully inside the east so it wouldn't close on the RV. 

One thing we discovered once we entered the Resort was that it was a very tight fit for us. It at one time was a place that held small camp sites that grew into the location it is now. 

When we found our spot, we needed assistance from our neighbor to move his Seadoos and boat plus his truck so we could tuck away past their trailers and the decorative street poles that are placed on the proprieties that made it very difficult to navigate and 22ft Truck that carried a 39ft RV behind it. 

After many and I mean MANY back and forth and this ways and thats.. we finally got into our space, quickly unhitched, then started to just find our new normal. ..
We found a place to order dinner and then went to bed early. from what we just discovered.. we would need to buy a smaller vehicle 🚙 as Bertha was way to big for day to day driving!

A few days after we arrived, plus being on the road we had more then enough laundry that needed extra scrubbing.. 🧽 We were on the look out for a Washateria.  We found one 10 miles away from us and it was important to take care of this so, we could then get into a better rhythm to use the ones at our new home. 

We noticed that the prices in the area are prices.. 

Washing is on average $2.75 
Drying is about $ 2.50

That is expensive as for the most part its about a dollar above what I have paid until we got to the east coast, that is a firm reason why we are considering getting a washer/dryer installed into the RV. 

Time is passing and Henry has already checked into work, we have looked for a Local Church to go to .. and we are still looking for one that we will call our home church for now. 

But, we will close this out so that we can add more to another post later. 

We wish you great blessings and thanks for being here.

Much love 

Hank and Robyn.


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