Here's Looking at You... Elsa!

Since we have been here, we have been lucky to have great weather and since we are nestled up to Backbay, we have decided to purchase a couple of kayaks and investigate the neighborhood that we live in.. 

With outcropping of waterways tucked between lanes of Campers, we are looking and enjoying the water during this season of extra days of warmth and our time together as we are very aware of how quickly these times can pass. 

We put down the cameras for a time and just spent time looking around to figure out how to actually get around. Ran into friends who at one time lived in 29 Palms, CA. 

We have been figuring out where we could go when we are able to take vacation. So much history around here that its hard to know where to start. 

Having family near makes this move to the east coast special, I have been in contact with my Dad whom I haven't had a relationship with for the past 30+ years. Having him closer, I get the opportunity to get to know who he is and the rest of the family.

We have been invited to have Thanksgiving Dinner at my Dads home. I will get to meet my 2 brothers who are a part of our lives and I never got to meet them as of yet. We will slowly learn about one another over time, this will be nice to know more about another side of me that has been missing for so long.

We traveled to Maryland, visited the areas and learned so much about life in the times we were apart or at least parts of the story that was left unknown to me. 

We also searched out a hidden gem of a historical landmark and walked a gravesite that was covered with faded headstones dating back to the 1600's. 

Like I said, I love history and there is so much of it laid out all around me. 

We will have to make more trips out this way to see the other landmarks as there is so much to see and do. 

Well, Thank you all for being here and we hope you stick around.

Hank and Robyn!


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