High Wind Warnings- Illinois


Ok, ✅ Roadtripping has started to show a ease of life that we like.. not having to be constantly connected to the world around us and just being with each other and laughing at our silly selves, has become a new daily comedy special, and I am honestly liking these moments. 

Its time to start heading to our next long time stay spot in Illinois but, first its finding our way to Kan-Do Campgrounds and RV Park located in Missouri.

Its a cute RV campground with frog 🐸 inspired themes around the place. we only needed electricity ⚡️ since we were only stopping over night and like I may have mentioned earlier.. I have found that my happy 5 hour drives have somehow landed us in the  8 to 10 hour drive days, which makes "ROBYN" one grumpy individual.  This day was one of those for both of us and we were sore, tired and desired to grab grub and sleep, so now extra pictures and I can't tell you much about the place other then.. we got in easy and got out just as easy.. no complaints!

On the road first thing in the morning we started to get warnings that the wind 💨 was blowing quickly and so much so that Charlotte was getting pounded as if she was fighting Mike Tyson for the Championship Title!
 This had us slowing down and paying attention to where every turn off was possible for the next several hours until we arrived at out next location, which is a private campground in Illinois called 12 Guns Campground.

Bill and Michelle are very special to us in more ways that I can explain... and we love them dearly! Over 9 Years ago Hank knocked on their door to inform them of the loss of their son Tommy. It is because of this moment that we met them and through this will always be connected to them. 

Over the years they have purchased and created this loving and fun place for all who either reside or deem to visit 21 guns, it is amazing! I was truly happy that we got to come out and see them as we made our way east and spend more time with them. 

Love them both!

Sad that we are once again saying bye to our friends who are more family.. but we must go for now. Can't wait to see them again real soon.

Thanks for stopping by and spending time with us.

Hank and Robyn. 


  1. Hey, I would like to give you a suggestion. Please, update your theme, because I had to zoom in the page if I want to read from a mobile device.
    Othervise, it's good.

    1. Thank you, I will change up somethings to update and hopefully change the fonts too.. thank you for your comment.

  2. You can use the theme I am using in my blog- https://www.glued2screen.com
    The name of the theme is codeify. Just google it.


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