Pre-Op Appointment Plus +



and Boy it's more tests... Dorthy, I think 💭 im not in Kansas any more! 

Henry has 3 medical procedures soon, as we search to find out what's going on with him and causing him his pain issues and more.. there are many steps that we have to do before we can actually have these procedures done. ✅ 

Covid ... Covid.. Covvvviiiddd.. what a confusing situation you have created for us with pre-operative procedures ..My husband calls it getting his brain scraped with a Q-tip. We are always warned to never 👎 stick one of these into any orifice however, they will be taking one and sticking it right up Henry's nose 👃.. lets hope they leave his brain intact! 

Henry will also have to under go another Ultrasound, plus more blood 🩸 work to make sure there is no signs of hidden infections showing and all that great jazz .. however, for a drive that takes us over an hour, dealing with the Elizabethan Tunnel and traffic, it becomes a fun pastime to get to get to Portsmouth for sure. 

We got to the appointment on time, found a great parking space right on the floor where we needed to be and make our way to our appointment. 

From one appointment and off to the other and the testings went well, then back out the the garage to get into our car 🚗 to head home 🏠. 

During the drive home, we talked about items we needed to pick up from the grocery store and also made a trip to Home Depot for one of the items we had been talking about to replace in the RV. 

Abigail has 4 plastic floor vents. The issue with these is the edges tend to be rough and to me feel not very solid. My fear is that over time, these vents will either crack or brake completely causing injury.. yes, I am a safety first kinda person so, we looked around for ones that would fit us better and cover many issues we thought about. 

The measurements for our vent covers are 4x10'' and we also decided that we wanted the ability to close off the vents to allow for either direction of flow or to shut off the vent to bypass an area to focus the area if so desired.  We also decided after looking at the 4 different varieties available to us, we chose oil-rubbed bronze.. looked better with the colors of the flooring. 

Home Depot: Floor Vents

A quick stop 🛑 at Foodlion to pick up some more fresh vegetables 🍅 for dinner 🍽 then its a quick clean up  🧽 then off to bed as we wait to see what all the test results reveal and what the Doctors 🥼 have to say for us next. 

Life is never dull,  Thank you all for sticking around my fellow Ramblers, see ya soon! 



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