Did You Lose It Again?

 Have you ever walked into a room and can't remember why?

Have you placed something down, walked away and forgot where you put it?

How many time has it been that you lost your keys 🔑 glasses 👓 or even where you parked your car 🚗 lost your remote control to your tv 📺? 

Have you lost count?

Did YOU lost it again?

Henry and I have constantly misplaced our sunglasses, remotes and keys all over the place. We maybe considered the odd couple and we don't mind, its because of this that we have found that sometimes electronic gadgets can be useful. 

What I am talking about today is a little gadget known as the Tile. 

The Tile Website

Wonderful little products that can be used in many different ways, allowing you to locate the items you have them attached to. 

Seriously 😐 im not joking!

With that being said ... over 5 years now, I purchased our very first Tile, the Tile Mate Pro 

I purchased a 2 pack for under $50.  With an application that I was able to easily download on my phone 📱 This wonderful dohickey, allows you to locate your keys 🔑 that you may have misplaced from the ease of your phone. Bonus feature is this cute little tile can also ping your missing phone and locate it as well. 

Now, I know that that most smart phones these days have a "find my phone" app. so that you can quickly locate your phone.. should you misplace it. 

However Dot Com.. 

You either have to have someone linked to your account or be near a computer to use this feature or... do like what most of us do and ask someone to call you phone and see if you can find it that way. If this is to embarrassing to do.. this tile will happily help you!

Just after Covid hit and things locked down, I purchased our next Tile product known as the sticker. 

 This came as a desperate need after the hunt for our Amazon Remote with no success in locating it for near 2 months and being unable to purchase a replacement because they were on back order for months. The Amazon Remote App. that you can download only worked 40% of the time, leaving us very frustrated most nights when we wanted to watch a movie. 🍿 One day when we needed to repair something broken in the RV, there it was.. the missing remote. From that point on, we stuck one of these little thingamabobs on, as well as on the other 2 remotes and "BAM" .. if one is not where it is supposed to be, activate the app and we can find it. 

There is another device that I want to purchase for many reasons but, one is for my husband however, that will be for after he is no longer in active service because currently he works in a very secure location and devices with GPS location capabilities are not allowed so, this will have to be for another time and also for when we start to actively travel more frequently. 

This device is known as the Tile Slim, It is the size of a credit card or ID card and can be placed in a wallet and since my husband loves to place his wallet.. well anywhere, we tend to play "HUNT FOR THE WALLET" all the time. 

It does the same as all the other devices and will ping should you need to use it.

Another fun and interesting thing about the Slim is that you can remove the adhesive backing and place it on say your laptop. 

This is great especially for those that travel, when you must pass through customs or TSA inspections that require you to take laptops out and have them open for security. While you get screened your laptop has already passed through security long before you and on the belt open for someone to snag. 

This device on the app allows you to locate the general location of the item it is attached to so, if its within a certain area you can find it and keep track of it where ever you maybe. 

The Tile company also offers a Premium Membership that helps out with batter replacement as well as direct GPS locations and such .. with many other perks applied to the membership. You can pay either monthly or yearly depending on what you desire to cover and need. 

Overall.. Henry and I have used these devices and really like them. I have found that when you find a product that works, you share them with others and explain the products application and how it functions and your opinion. Considering this gives both Henry and I a sense of relief 🥲 because even the simple cost of each of these items are less expensive then the product on which they are attached to, with the idea that I can locate them ideally to find them if I misplace them again instead of having to repurchase them is a great relief. 

So.. somethings can be just that simple and if you are looking to help ease your mind a bit, take a look into the Tile! 

Thanks for sticking around.



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