Our Simple Weekend!


The weather decided to be nice πŸ‘ to us and gave us 2 full days of "NO RAIN" 🌧 so, we took full advantage of it.. 

We had a wonderful slow and easy morning, opened up the RV and cleaned out Abigail.. opened all her windows πŸͺŸ letting the wonderful breeze sweep through and refresh the home 🏠 after being stuffy from the constant shutdown. 

We had a great breakfast πŸ§‡ and noticed that the water was not to choppy to go see if we can descover any new out cropping, hidden coves or tucked away little gems πŸ’Ž where birds πŸ¦… turtles 🐒 fishes may be hiding and we can just enjoy 😊 nature to its fullest. 

Its a beauty.. 70 Degrees.. lets be honest, we don't know how long this is going to last, the weather station says 4 days however, that's is never the case.. so, out on the water we go!

We stretched out journey for about 1 1/2 and found another little cove.. it was so quiet 🀫 that you could even hear the ocean 🌊 waves slapping against the beach just over the bay... it was a really nice day! 

We cleaned up, spent time together and thought that if the weather held on for just one more day.. we would love to take the motorcycle 🏍 out early in the morning to church.. ⛪️ and just take that ride all the way in. 

You see, it takes roughly one hour to get to and from church ⛪️ every week, its a beautiful drive, with all the greenery that pops up around us as we go... its truly beautiful... 🀩 

During the ride we found ourself having to wait for sadly an accident.. there were no injuries, the individual went off the road and their tire dug into the swampy mud...since there is no side or area for one to pull over if you breakdown... its a ditch that is filled with swampy muddy water..  and due to that, this persons vehicle dug in and slid sideways and broke an axle, so there was nothing that could be done to unblock the roadway for this person and everyone had to wait.. (no biggie) for a tow truck to move the car safely. 

We made it safely to church.. ⛪️ it was a great time and had a fun time with our church family.. 

We got back on Ivy and just enjoyed the ride home.... 🏠 

The sun and weather was sweet..

Sun is shining, the breeze is light, it is just a beautiful day!

When we arrived home, we cleaned up.. had some lunch πŸ₯— then prepared for the upcoming week.. Life is always ready for the next moment to come. 

Dinner was simple and sleep was waiting for us. 

Taking all that we have and just enjoying the simple pleasure around us.. not over crowding the day.. or the moments.. we wanted to just have this moment here.. 

Taking it all in, one moment at a time!

Thanks for being here.. 



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