Closet DIY Review

 Now that the weather is changing and we are moving items inside Abigail, we are making small adjustments that we feel are needed to make things flow just a tad bit easier. 

We have purchased items here and there to decorate, setup and make things seem more.."HOMELY" for us all. Living in an RV full-time takes adjustment, you learn to live without somethings and how to organize your belongings better then you thought you could before. Small spaces.. Big ideas! 💡 

The first project we decided to tackle was our bedroom closet. The overall design with its 3 hanging rods to put your clothes left much to be desired. We really could only utilize 2, as the shoulder width with an average adult would cause the hangers to constantly rub and bounce off the rod, not allowing to fully hang your clothes. 

We looked at the depth, width and height of the closet to see what we could do to maximized the space we have and to get out of it what we needed. 

I have often wanted a space to also place a small basket to house our dirty clothes, since there really isn't a good place to do that, not in the bathroom and certainly not in the bedroom as it currently is so.. with that in mind we also looked at the fact that the closet had the Dyson vacuum hanging in the middle and right side of the closet itself and we would need to make the proper adjustment, allowing space to place the closet rod properly. 

We went to Home Depot to pick up the items we would need for this little project, 1 closet rod and 1 set of closet rod mounts. This is a very simple project and shouldn't take longer then an hour (unless one misses a screw or measures off set and has to try it again). 

Home Depot:

Metal Pole Socket

White Closet Rod

Since our Abigail came with the Dyson vacuum, we had to drop this vacuum to the lowest screw point and remounted once the closet pole was put in place. 

We also used the middle closet rod that came with the unit as a support post for the new rod as we noticed that the added weight will cause it to droop in the center. Having the bracket there allows for the overall support and keeps it secure with no added stress on the pole sockets that are now in place. 

Once we put all of this together, added the clothes.. it all fit and still had room to spare. The only issue at hand is that since the closet "IS" shallow, I will have to either place the hanging clothes at an angle or purchase narrow style hangers to fit perfectly inside this closet with this style of rod in place. 

I have since decided to use the space closest to the washer/dryer as a cleaning closet. This opens up the ability for us to have our dirty clothes placed securely in one location, out of the way.. with the vacuum and small cleaning supplies for the house. 

Since the project worked out very well and was under $20 to boot, I feel that this was the perfect starting point for making the minor adjustments in making our RV a beautiful home. 

Thanks for sticking around my fellow Ramblers..



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