Gotta Get Out & Do This More!

 I have complained consistently about the weather.. sorry 😞 everyone, its cold and I still have yet to acclimate to the climate out here however, we are finding our way in this place and a comfortable medium. 

Henry and I have found a little rhythm and the time is getting better, we are ready to travel however, many of the places we would like to see are still closed and the command has areas that we can't go to .. 


Well.. as we have been locked in the house with all the rain 🌧 and snow ❄️ Pumba and Timon have continued to throw tantrums. One is rubbing his butt all over the RV and smelling up the place, the other has decided to pee by the front door πŸšͺ even though we just took him out 2 minutes before ( no, he doesn't have a urinary tract infection.. he's been checked) he's just. throwing tantrum about where they are allowed to go and not go in the new RV.  

Henry and I have decided to put boundaries up for the puppies 🐢 and start from square one like we did when we adopted them .. purchase a collapsable kennel for them to go into when we leave and at bedtime, this will once again provide a secure place until they feel comfortable about the new changes that have happened quickly around them. After all we want them to feel happy, safe and comfortable. 

One of our weekly routines is "CHURCH".. ⛪️ it took us time to find our home church and we are happy that we found this loving place to be. The family that surrounds us, as well as being able to come together during trying times as well as celebrate changes that come.  Henry and I have jumped into being active within the church membership, Worship and media team and participating in Bible studies and small group meetings.. this has helped us with the changes that we have gone through in this move from east coast and west coast living. 

Since we arrived back from Florida and as we have talked about in previous posts, Henry has continued to be ill 😷 and no clear diagnosis as to what has come through to cause these issues. We have been tossed around from almost every military hospital πŸ₯ in Virginia at this time. I will be honest with you.. I don't care if I have to drive all over this country.. if he needs it, we will get there! So, after one of the many tests that he had to endure.. 😣 we decided to pull off the drive home and check out what is around the area we were at.. 

We found a Mini 3D Golf Course when we drove down the street so, after trying to locate a place to park.. (the city paid parking was the cheapest location and seemed the safest location) we went to check it out. 

King Neptune's Mini Golf  πŸŒ️‍♂️ 

We received a Military discount and played a round. It was pretty trippy to play this game, the bright 3D effect throws off your depth perception as well as being able to see which is the actual hole your ball is supposed to go into. 

For the price, it was a fun and quick game.. we laughed and had a good time.. it was a nice decompression moment after the testing at the hospital so.. we give it 4 out of 5 stars ⭐️ 

After the game we wandered towards the beach area and found this wonderful Memorial that we never would have seen, if we just didn't want to get back in the car 🚘 and head home just yet. 

Naval Aviation Memorial

This is a beautiful and very informative place to visit. From the very first craft used like the dirigible to the current air craft.. and the people that ventured out .. the bravery it took to step into these air crafts and risk life and limb to serve is.. just.. awe inspiring! 

Each Statued Monument features a time and specific event or information β„Ή️ to express the feelings expressed in the statues presence and pictures etched on the sides of these slabs of granite. I found myself just drawn in to the expressions of each figure placed at this Memorial.  This is a must stop πŸ›‘ and see if you get the chance, its hidden between a hotel and the VB Boardwalk. Don't miss it!!

Another item that we found while reading all the information β„Ή️ was a plaque that described a "sister city" in Norway and a specific event that had taken place. In the middle of two plaques stands a statue of a woman looking out over the Atlantic ..

Its a very beautiful ☺️ vision to see just standing there .. on the boardwalk as people walk by, the American Flag πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and the Norwegian Flag πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ flying on the other..  the explanation of why she stands so stoic is placed on her podium beneath her .. and once again a good place to visit and find her to check her out for yourself. 

Since the weather started to get pretty windy 🌬 the dark clouds ☁️ came in so, we jumped into the car and headed home.. 🏠 however, we need to do this more. There is so much we have yet to see and the desire to visit what is around this state is definitely something we desire to do. 

We are hoping that some of the places around us will open up their doors soon so, we can venture out and take tours into historical location.. im so into history and love to see what was one and what it is now. 

Thank you everyone for being here.. have a blessed day!



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