We Could Lose The RV!

 What started one way.. what we thought was solid became an island with a temperamental volcano that was about to erupt!

2021 not only were we hoping and had we hoped that it would bring great changes for our future.. 

Did we hope that the Covid that had us all locked in our homes would fade into the past and we would find that the cage door was open and now we are freed to go openly from one place to another..

We laid down money and began the process and at the time that our RV is about to be delivered to the dealer down in Florida, our lives just got tossed on our butts tonight and we are hoping that we can save it all or we may just lose our RV, because New Years brought new financial practices, loan documents and a financial company business changes that we just well didn't know and hadn't planned for and well.....ugh

Heres to 2021, can we just move on?!

Drama Story and Longest Story Short:

2021 brought changes to financing under the issues with Covid and items like RV's, these even though persons may live full-time and there are types of "Laws" that garner them as a type of Mortgage, they are seen still as a recreational item. With that in mind, the fact that many persons have been out of work and or have either stopped paying or paid minimal payments to their loans, these companies are now left strapped to get the monies back on their investment. 

You may say "why isn't there a repossession taking place?"

Good Question: Current protections where set in place to protect the renter from being evicted due to the pandemic. 

We have been in this situation since March of 2020, financial companies have been dealing with many different issues overtime and as we have seen families have been attempting to just get by.. 

2021 brought in a ton of changes and with that things or items like cars/boats/RV financing changed as well. 

Here is our issue, we originally purchased or .. back up a second .. began the legal act of purchase of an RV in 2020, using our current RV as a trade and getting a bank to agree to back us on the financing after a deposit and upon delivery a downpayment we would then have our legal agreement and ownership of our RV. 

However, because things changed and we still didn't take possession of the RV, the dealer and the downpayment was not processed by the new lender before the 2021 change.. the lender pulled out of the agreement and we were left holding the bag and our dealer was running around finding us a new lender! 

Calls back and forth, my husband keeping his command informed and me wondering what happened and trying to see if I can prepack the RV for "just encase" as if we can get financing at the last moment.. we have to fly!

Within 10 hours.. and getting all parties and financing, underwriters and legal departments to agree also.. may I add that my husband is in the service so, he had to quickly get leave approved (which usually never happens) to then pack up our rv and move our tails 900+ miles from our location to Tampa, Florida in 1 day, we got the yes.. and that we and IF..

IF, only IF we get to Florida by Saturday and sign all the legal documents, can we save the sale and not lose our RV. 

Tiring as it maybe.. we invested much to do this..

Working together ..we can do this.. though I wouldn't recommend it! 

As the weather went from overcast to wet and rainy.. we loaded up and hit the road. It rained the entire time.. I can honestly say that I thought I wouldn't see the sun shine but, it did the morning after we arrived. 

We skirted around Truckers, tucked in to make pit stops, let the pups out..

We finally got our Gas Card to work.. 

I drove for a bit so Henry could digitally sign the documents while on the fly.. this was insane!!

From Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and into Florida.. we are getting there.. slowly but we are making it! 

We arrived at the camping site for Lazy Days and we had been instructed to find a spot that is open and let them know in the morning where we were. We tucked into a spot around 3am, quickly did a unload and unhitch.. let the pups out for a little walk around and then we found sleep!

Hank got up first things as when they opened, allowing me to sleep a little more but then the big time was upon us. 

The money transfer had to be done, the big papers signed and dated, Charlotte had to have her examination done and she passed with flying colors! 

Everything went smoothly and this is the interesting part .. which we already knew.

Our New RV wasn't to be delivered to us till the end of the month.. around the 29th, currently the date is only the 8th, that means 21 Days we have to sit here and wait because by law and all those papers we just signed gave legal rights to Charlotte to Lazy Days and our Financing Company as collateral until the main Downpayment was received and that won't happen until our new one arrives! 

New Laws.. New Year.. FUN!

Well, never been to Florida and oh.. hey, the Tampa RV Supershow is going to go down soon so, we decided why not check it out.

Thanks for chilling out with us again today.. 

Take care and I hope you are planning some amazing adventures!



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