Picking and Choosing Whats Best!


After dealing with the mess of the "High Line Credit" craziness, we are going through the ups and downs of "what to do next"?

We bounced around the ideas 💡 

Talking with the dealers and them giving us our choices and where we can go with it.. they showed us what was available and the layout options as well as options that can be added to the RV during the purchasing process.

We are looking at a different style of 5th Wheel Toy-Haulers known as Toy Box Trailers. 

There are a few companies that make this style, we have explored different versions of them and looked at how it would benefit us over time. There is also looking at what options that each style can be added and are available to us and when.

We are looking at:

 Grand Design Momentum 376 THS 

Grand Design Solitude 374TH-R

Grand Design Website

Forest River Riverstone 42 FSKG

Forest Riverstone 37 FLTH

Forest River RV Website

There is much to consider when purchasing our next RV.. since we have already dealt with the financials, we don't really have to worry with what is within our yes and no options.. 

That is already decided.. we are not looking as to what we need, what we are willing to pay, what options can be added again.. because we are living in this full-time.

These are houses on wheels.. 

They travel with you and give you comfort when things are set apart from the world you are in.. 

They are you home 🏠 everywhere you go..

So, which will be our next .. "HOME"? 

This is something Henry and I are praying over..We will not jump this time and since we are ok, right now and not in a rush to move.. we can take our time to pick the one that is best for us.

Also, I am a worry wort with finances.. 

Seriously, this girl will panic over money 💰 I don't like the feeling of uncertainty when things don't make sense.. if I can add, subtract and put it to a chart.. it works for me.. 

Now.. let us see where we go from here.. 

Thank you for being with us today and I hope you stick around.

Hank and Robyn!!


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