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No one has ever said that going into adult-hood meant that you would have the easy breezy life. When we decided to get into buying an RV, like maintaining your body, you must maintain your RV and if its a towable type.. the tow vehicle too. 

After driving long roads, many miles and the weather where we live (rainy, sleet and constant cold) we needed to do a quick update and change over on the oil and lube on Big Bertha so, she continues to run correctly. This is very important since, she pulls Charlotte around.. and that is a heavy load! 

We got up one cold and dreary morning and made out way out to the local base to utilize its hobby shop to  take full advantage of the very hefty lift available there so, we could change out the oil, fuel filters.. yes, filters.. as we have 2 and repaired a bracket that we didn't even know that was broken, this is why doing your required maintenance will save you money and even something bigger down the road. 

Now, during this wonderful morning (can't you hear the sarcasm there?) we were getting hangry at this point and decided to pick up something quick to eat, trying to kill as many birds with one stone mentality at this point.. its getting colder, the wind is picking up and the rain is about to hit us head on. Well, the fast food idea wasn't a very good idea. Over the years we have found out that, these places have a running chaos with our insides and it's not fun. Throwing caution to the wind, we grabbed some anyway and paid dearly for it in under 30 minutes time later! 

Picking up the small items we needed while we were out we made out way home. 

Now over the last several weeks, we have been going over the ideas of deciding what to do with Charlotte and when would be the good time to purchase a newer one. 

After dealing with that issue of "High Line Credit" and being slapped in the face after that one..

We went back and forth over how and what kind we should figure out... 

We even thought about getting rid of Ivy.. that's Henry's Girlfriend .. the Harley! 

We still truly enjoy taking long rides, even though with the weather we haven't had the opportunity to do so as often as we would like.. we will as soon as we can. 

So, we did find the one .. the RV that we liked, now we know that none will ever be perfect but, it meets with the points that I wanted and more. So, after conversations with the dealer its and taking in the information we waited to see what would happen. 

After getting hit with the credit mess (because we never owned a house or purchased anything above $150K many well.. the 4 banks that finance for full-time living in RV's.. won't) we waited to find out what would happen next. The next morning we were told.. YOU GOT IT! 

Excited.. truly happy, overjoyed and well.. NERVOUS. 

As we put the deposit down on the new RV.. and began the process and paperwork, we also had a understanding come across the table and we agreed to it so.. I will explain something later on but.. we know that with the market being as it is, things will not be easy and times can get screwy so.. we made some choices and this is how we are going to work with it down the line. 

Now, all we have to do is wait for word of when it will be ready for delivery and we will set out to Florida to pick it up but, as of right now.. it is on the floor plan to be built. Aint that crazy?

We have a couple weeks left before Christmas and the day after is my husbands birthday so, the fact that we live in an RV makes surprising him or hiding anything a definite difficult east to do. 

I have a few ideas of what I want to get him.. like replacing his favorite headphones that are falling apart, a bathrobe and some slippers.. things that would make relaxing a fun idea..well, that is the plan anyway, lets get to hunting!

As I have been looking for the base commissary, I had ran into some difficulty locating it, why you may say? I have been so accustom to the exchanges and such to all be located on and right near each other, however that isn't the case.. this one is off base in a secluded and shall I say "HIDDEN" location! But, I did find it and to be honest.. there wasn't much savings from the stores closer to me that would make me drive the 15 miles to get there every week for food, just not cost effective overall! 

Not ragging on the base or the exchange services as I greatly appreciate all that I have the privilege using however, the distance and the cost of gas just doesn't make it worth the price so, driving 4 miles to the local Food Lion and using coupons is easier and I get points and free products back so, that will benefit me and mine overall, these are the things we all must do. 

I stopped at the local Home Depot and picked up a small ceramic heater to try and attempt a easier way to open up that garage to use it. With 12 feet of space closed off it has made it our current living situation very cramped and stressing! 

With the hopes of the future with the build of the new RV down the road, We need to get Charlotte cleaned, repaired and looking her most awesomessed however.. I need to get moving and that means I have to get into that script of a garage and start cleaning this place so, with the hopes of that small heater.. I hope.. HOPE that it will at least take the heavy chill off and all me to open that sliding door once more, get the pups to move back in their so I can clean and we can start .. packing up! 

Here is to hoping after all!

Well, this is it for now.. let life start moving and let us all find what works best in the end. Here is to warmth!! 

Stay warm and safe my fellow Ramblers ... Its going to be a cold and bumpy ride! 

Much Love,



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