Things To Ponder


Do you and your spouse, significant other have a show that you both watch together, or maybe movies 
that you both go back to over and over again as it make you both just .. ya know.. enjoy that cuddle time and conversations that flow? 

Don't lose that.. those are special!

Time is clicking quickly towards the holidays and since we are far from our families, we are finding more things to do with each other together and making plans.. thinking and reminiscing about things from the past too.. the holidays seem to do that to ya! 

RV News:
Yes, we found one, and put down the required monies for it however, we are still not going to share with you all at this time.. what model, brand and such just yet. Not that we are trying to play everyone along, its just a "what if" something happens.. IE. the High Line credit crap that happened to us already, What if it gets destroyed on the way from the factory.. what if is a big thing and a stressor in my life so, until its delivered.. we will hold out so, we can then know.. its HERE!! I hope you guys understand. 

During Christmas.. the weather where we live became a nasty cold mess.. though we didn't see snow, we did see rain, Wind and ICE! 

Our Lot that we are parked is a tad higher ground then some of our neighbors and they became flooded near us.. also the wind flipped and tossed our kayaks around (they were anchored but.. yeah things happened) the items inside the kayak went bye bye.. so, somewhere in back bay there are 2 nice safety vests. New things you learn when you move to new locations.. oh.. boy are we learning!!

We decided to stay in and hide away during Christmas and stay warm and safe, eat some good food and play Mario Kart.. We did that same thing for New Years too! 

Pet Transportation:

I have had questions about why I don't put the pups in the backseat of the car when we are driving with them in the CAR.. well, Pumba gets overly excited and once jumped over the sling and into the front seat knocking me forward causing me to hit the accelerator, we no longer put them in the backseat. We not put them in the back cargo area and we can see them, we have blankets and during warmer weather a portable fan to help keep them cool.  Believe me, we make sure they are safe during travel. 

Ideas and Plans we would like to take place in the future:

Taking you guys with us to explore the area we live, right now with Covid most of the museums only allow you to walk around sites but, not inside the historical sites themselves so.. ugh! We are looking into breweries, bakeries, sites and things to take you all along with us as soon as we can.  We are making plans and we hope you will enjoy the places we like and enjoy too. This will probably happen after we pick up the new RV since right now the focus is the budget and getting things in line for the change out. 

Well.. much to think about and consider, plenty to do and the pups are excited to travel once again.

Thanks for staying along for this my fellow Ramblers, I hope you are all excited for the hope for Spring Time soon! 

Take Care,


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