We "ARE" in Florida


After everything that we endured to save the deal on our RV, we are finally here! Now as in life.. you can't run away from the things that you must do and get done ✅ within it such as the mundane items like .. ya know.. Laundry ๐Ÿงบ 

Since this was a very unplanned journey, I didn't have time to do the laundry and go grocery shopping ๐Ÿ›’ clean and all the nicety that is the norms of life. As Hank and I sit here, figuring out what to do and put all the items down in writing ✍️ we see events around us that we can or might be able to see since we are here.

The Tampa RV Supershow is taking place and with that in mind, we have decided to check it out. We have heard its a great thing to see, many RV's, Vendors and deals a plenty! Also.. since we are here we can't help but notice the opportunity to meet people, check out the communities around Florida and write down the items and locations to visit when we actually can take the retirement cruise! 

The RV Show is located an hour from where we are located currently. We planned the route and made a list of items we wanted to look for and see if we can find deals on them while there. We also wanted to see what was on the list for showings and new upcoming new items to keep an eye open to see. 

The drive there was interesting..  ๐Ÿค” we got lost in a way, the GPS had us on a twist of what roads to take that ended up not being the one we needed however, in the end we got there. 

The place was busy with people, even through concerns for the virus ๐Ÿฆ  was there.. the precautions had been set up to assist and we were not worried. 

NOW, since we didn't know that we would be attending, we were unsuccessful getting the PR Package for the show. there are rules about filming and recording people while at the show and we adhered to the rules that were posted so, that is why you didn't see anything massive however.. we did spend a LONG time at the show and dropped a good amount of money ๐Ÿ’ต picking up the items we wanted for our new RV. 

We spoke a while back about the plans and things agreed too in and for our RV. 

Here is the overview quickly about our girl.. 

She is here at the RV Show. Ta DA!! ๐ŸŽ‰ 

Yes, we knew that she would be here when we ordered her.. there were only so many products being built and so, many in line to be sent out for the show and per dealer. When we agreed to the purchase item.. we added the items we wanted (i.e. the generator, solar and cadet heater) while she was being built knowing that she would be placed at the show before we could pick her up. 

We knew this and we understood this.. we didn't have an issue as we still had Charlotte so, it gave us time to plan out the budgeting and repairs needed while we waited however,  NO ONE.. not even the dealer was prepared for the 2021 change with the one financial company and the flipping of the time change that brought us here to Florida 21 days earlier then planned. 

So, if you are heading or are at the Florida RV Super Show.. and came by to see the Forest Rivers Riverstone.. the Legacy 42FSKG was OURS. 

We checked in to see her, besides the photos that were sent to us when she was completed and that the color was what we liked.. and that she made it safe to Florida.. plus the quick walk through online the dealer did.. pictures/video are nothing like what the actuality of something is in person. 

We had to.. and we did.. 

Once we looked at our girl in person, we also had to leave.

The issue with me is  that I have said it time and again.. just because you can don't mean that you should. 

I watched as people acted crazy in something that they didn't own, so before I got my self into trouble.. we left. 

The agreement is that if anything like damages occurred, that they would be repaired before we took her home so, that wasn't to much of an issue but, it would mean longer delays and we are already here waiting. 

Hank and I walked around so more.. looked at all these amazing RV, Campers, Motorhomes and new creative camping equipment and decided to head back to our RV and call it a day. 

The only thing that we can say is that we were disappointed that there were so limited accessories being sold there, now later I understood that many vendors pulled out this year because of Covid which left a ton of space open and those were filled by places that wanted you to come visit and buy a timeshare. We don't do those things and we just didn't enjoy that kind of pandering. 

We did decide the next day to bring the pups with us and enjoy some of the other areas that we missed. 

We once again visited our RV, spoke with the reps and again quickly left to keep from feeling dread as we watched people slamming and banging things around. 

Sometime between the open courtroom area and a vender Timon got sick and we quickly headed back home. He was having some sort of allergic reaction and we needed to get it under control. This poor sweet pup is allergic to chicken ๐Ÿ— and sadly we have had to keep people from giving treats that have chicken in it.. not their faults.. they just want to love on our puppies but, small amounts will hurt Timon. I will need to get a badge that has that alert on it for him. 

While there at the show we ran into several Youtube creators.. 

Wayward Waggs:

Our Epic RV Adventures:

Happy Place Diaries:

Endless RV:

We had a great time overall.. even with the long walking, the time spent worrying about the RV and the waiting to be able to see her at the show. 

Getting the opportunity to actually attend a big event like this was great too as it opened our eyes to many things we had never seen before and the different applications of equipment and products that are on the market that make RVing a great experience to have and do. 

Things that I have also learned.. people will try to attack and diminish your joy. Those people find pleasure in those things and there is truly nothing you can do to change who that person is but, only how you will respond to it.  While sharing our joy and what was coming our way, I was attacked and accused of many things, name called and totally put down.. I didn't know why or what I did to deserve it but then checking on things came to see that this is what those people did and truly enjoyed it. I had to step away and not continue to read their words as it wasn't for me.. it was all for them. 

Never let someone take away from you what you did and worked hard for, they didn't stand with you so, they will never be for you! 

Be strong against bullies but don't change who you are!

See ya next time my Fellow Ramblers!



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