San Diego.. Before We Go Go!

Before the whole journey begins, we are heading to San Diego to visit friends that we have not been able to see for several years. 

We packed up "Charlotte" (our RV), loaded down the truck, tucked away the dogs 🐶 and headed to Northern San Diego and Camp Pendleton, to their Camp Grounds known as Lake O'Neil. 

It has been many years since we have visited this place and boy the memories that come back.. where has the time gone?

It was a crazy ride down to Camp Pendleton, bumpy roads with crazy loon drivers. You would think that people would steer clear of those with a 28K pound RV and for that matter semi trucks 🚚 on the road however, not many give clearance which had caused us to slam on our breaks more times then I felt comfortable with. 

BUT... we made it to the base and tucked ourselves into our spot safely. 

We unpacked Ivy, The truck and the Pups and started the whole process and unwinding.. now the real fun begins!

Checking in with our friends and our surroundings we decided to jump on the bike lovingly known as IVY and hit some sights that we used to visit when we were here nearly 2 decades ago. 

How interesting to see how much this place has grown.. some places are still here while others are gone and rebuilt over with apartment/condos or more strip malls.. always strip malls. 

We hit the roads for shopping 🛍 trips needing some supplies like food and minor RV needs then Church as well as planning luncheons and Dinners with our friends. 

Time is passings quickly as the days are flying by

One day quickly flies into another and soon its time for us to say goodbye. 

How quickly times flies by, the years are passings in a blink of an eye .. 


We are definitely heading on to new adventures but for now, it is today!

Thanks for being here,

Robyn and Hank


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