On the Move Again!

 Yep.. Our wonderful time at Camp Pendleton's Lake O'Neil is over, noe we have to start making our way east. 

To say the weather is getting funky is just part of the problem, its the Fires.. and boy are there some!

California is still on fire and now parts of Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and well so many other states have experienced pop up fires, that we are watching and flexing our travel routes, almost on a daily basis that its become mind boggling to see what area we have to avoid next.

We have a set time to get from here to our next home base over .. THERE, and making these adjustments have added to the stress monster known as "Robyn's Anxiety"๐Ÿ˜ฆ 

We have 28 Days to get there and we are not rushing, we have tried to find a pattern that will allow us to take a path and travel with the places we have throw in to stop and rest over the miles we must travel. We still have to get to our next base by check in time and that is coming sooner, not later!

We are currently traveling with nearly 28 thousand pounds of life with us, we are NOT going to push ourselves to the point of danger ⚠️ Safety is what matters above all things and if we must stop more frequently

Well, then we will!

The next place we are stopping is in Boulder City Nevada, its a State Park on Lake Meade. 

Our location is Lake Mead RV Village, and it places us near Lake Meade with a spectacular view, right within the State Park. 

Lake Mead RV Village

We will spend a few days there to double check routes into Colorado and what is needed to get us up and around the current outbreaks of fires ๐Ÿ”ฅ safely plus maybe laugh some more before I get into the stress monster of dealing with hours in the truck and going to a new place that I know nothing about. 

Yes, it IS and adventure.. but, truth be told.. we still have to get to a location for work and that is causing stress for both of us. 

The pups are ok, ๐Ÿ‘ they both love the travel in the truck ๐Ÿ›ป its just they don't like the mornings when I start packing up and getting ready to move, they think ๐Ÿค” they will be left behind. 

While here at the lake, we cleaned up, repacked some items, wen grocery shopping, refilled some propane and also did our laundry (we heard that it could be wishy washy on the road looking for a good and "clean" laundry facility. Jumpy on the chance that we had.. we made full use of the laundry ๐Ÿงบ room. 

We hit the town and looked around, stopping at the local e-bike shop. I am interested in getting an electric ⚡️ bike ๐Ÿšฒ . I desire to be more out going but, with limitations as we have found, I am getting tired and my leg seems to give out quickly over time which, led to us getting rid of my road bike. We also decided that with the ebike it would allow for me to get help in the long rides and maybe ๐Ÿค” find a trailer to attach so my little fur babies can tag along for the journey. 

Hank and I have found that ever since the restrictions in certain states, that we have been limited in what physical activities we have been doing and feel low and sluggish. 

Henry being active duty has places on base that he can go to stay fit because of regulations.. I on the other hand can't go and only can use what I have and what is around me that is open and not around others to stay healthy.. 

This has been difficult, as I have always had ave what a rhythm and schedule on how I stayed fit.. know I am experiencing what people have called the Covid 30.. and it hurts!

Well anyway.. we can talk about all this on another post, 

During the last day here on the lake we decided to try our hand at Kayaking, seeing if we had what it took at good communication and coordination. 

BOY.. that day was something to remember for us both, the wind ๐Ÿ’จ made it interesting  with each other paddling against the other and against the wind its self. By the time the hour was up.. I could barely feel my arms and my abs hurt beyond breathing. 

Believe me when I tell you, that they next day.. I felt it.. well, I felt it for several days later. 

We had a great time together on the lake and though it was short, it was a fun time all together and will look forward to putting this place on our trip list for parks to come back to. 

Now, we have to move again.. as we are on a schedule and the clock ⏰ it is a ticking!

Thanks for reading along and hope you watch the video too.

Much love..

Robyn and Hank!


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