Help Me Dorthy- Kansas


During my scheduling and planning, we received notices that certain locations were going to have to cancel their current reservations so, we were the recipient of 2 of these. With the areas trying to understand what their state is requiring of and staying complaint, its been interesting.

We found a 1 day layover on our way to our place in Kansas on the border of the state for us to stop for the night. We ended up having to add extra hours then we had originally wanted but, you do what you can right? 

Another thing we have learned over time with this is, our RV only has 1 battery. We don't have enough power without direct current (shore power) or using our generator to run items inside the rv. That is something we will have to remedy later on when we start traveling more. 

The campground we located is called High Plans Camping, in Oakley Kansas. Im guessing that when its in full swing that its a packed and active RV Park. right now with covid its neat and clean but.. empty. One major negative about this place that I want you to know... stickers and I am not talking about the cute sticky kind that you add to a collection, I am talking about the ones that cause agonizing pain when you step on one! 

high plains camping

These stickers are everywhere!!!! 

They coated my dogs fur, found their ways inside my RV.  Granted this is an overnighter.. we had to slow things down and check the dogs over from top to bottom!! It got so bad the pups refused to step outside to go potty as it hurt them so bad to go outside. 

Other then that... all the spots where pull-thrus and the break downs and set ups were a snap so, getting out the next morning was easy peasy! 

Once we hit the road the next morning.. we made our way to one of my favorite locations in Kansas.. 

Milford State Park

Milford State Park

This locations is beautiful.. they have several locations, hookups, lake vies, trees, 🌳 the scenery is awe inspiring so.. just wowza! 

We took this time to just enjoy, jumped on the bike for a ride around the area when the weather wasn't wet and rainy but all in all again.. this spot right here is a definite place to come back to and hang!

Once again.. time keeps ticking and we still have places to be.. packing up is sad as if we could we would stay a while longer. 

Tomorrow we must go but we will be back!

Thanks for reading..

See ya again real soon..

Hank and Robyn!


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