Rocky Mountain High... Colorado!


YES.. We are heading to see our son! the way things seem to be working out right now. Hitting the road after Henry gets the final receipt  we will have a layover in another state park before continuing on to Colorado Springs.

I seem to have hit a developing or scheduling issue, I need more training as what should only be a 5 hour drive is actually adding up to 8 hour drive times, I seem to have missed out on something...somewhere?

I will eventually figure this all out


We made it finally to Freemont Indian State Park and Museum, Its located in Utah. When you get off the interstate you will drive a few extra miles and feel like you are lost and got the wrong exit, I will tell you that as we certainly did. 

When we finally found out where we were, its a slight tight turn into the park and YOU will make it under the arched entry way but, it is secluded park that is tucked tightly into this beautiful hideaway, It is wonderful, quiet, historical with all its history laid out before you and nice walking paths to enjoy. 

Fremont Indian State Park and Museum

This place I would certainly recommend as a great hideaway.. come and check it out! 

We made it on the road on time and towards Colorado Springs to our next location which is Golden Eagle Campgrounds. Its interesting as to where its located and set up.. if your larger then 30ft.. it will take good navigation to get into it. 

Golden Eagle Campground

Let me explain and understand I am not bashing the place, if you want to think about it.. it reminds me like a balloon 🎈 narrow entry and large camping sites. 1 entry/exit location, narrow roads and the main road to get in comes right face to face with a tree that splits the road for coming and going traffic. At the time of our visit, the roads of the campground themselves were sever in need of repair. The sites themselves were large and set decently apart, plenty of activities to be had by families and right next door to the Army Base (if your military or have access to the base perfect for suppling needs quickly) they also had food trucks that served different types of food daily (taco truck, souther food, chicken meals and so on ) great layouts but still couldn't find the laundry room. 

Our son and his roommate took us out to this great dog park and you wouldn't believe how amazing this layout was, the dogs had a blast just chilling with others and being friendly with other dogs. 

Sad to say that I was not happy to say goodbye 👋 

I only get limited time to see our kiddos and I miss them, they grew up so fast. 

But, we do have to go.. time is still ticking and the calendar 📆 pages are flipping!

See ya next time,

Robyn and Hank


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