We Touched The Atlantic


Finally getting off of our butts and getting to some much needed cleaning.. well, getting ahead of the next storm rolling in and some quick maintenance like... cleaning out our vehicles from the mud, muck, nasty mess that gets tossed all around in the car to the tune of..

"Ill get to it soon" 

"When weather clears"

Well, we have waited about as long as we can, the weather is fluctuating like a woman going through the change and I don't think our poor property can hold out till we have a full week to get it all done at once so, we will get as much as we can right now and hit the rest another day. 

We need to clean out the car/truck, toss out old papers, receipts, dust, vacuum out the carpets that smell musty and condition the seat leather. wash the windows and make sure that the wiper blades are in good condition an not needing replacement. 

Since, this was done we decided to go and grab as much fun as we could before we shifted gears and made our way into another week. 

Freedom Lanes-NAS Oceana

We had fun last week bowling and decided a repeat would be a fun choice once again. Packing our stuff, we journeyed out to Freedom Lanes once more.  Back and forth we went, 3 games we tossed and laughter was plenty had.. boy, youth is not on our side. My husband slaughtered me once more however, we had fun and I loved spending as much time as we did together now, its off to the store to get more food and then home to prepare dinner and get ready for Church is tomorrow. 

As it is with every Sunday, we had a wonderful time with our friends gathered in fellowship, we listened, prayed and worshipped together then afterwards we decided to go have breakfast at Cracker Barrel.. yep, kinda went off just a little bit from the Keto Diet but, not by much. 

Once, we headed home .. we cleaned up just a bit then made our way out to the beach. In all the time that we have lived here, we have never gone out to the beach and actually walked along it. Today, we were going to make it the day that we actually touched the Atlantic Ocean! 

Just a quick walk across the street, making our way through the sand.. we found ourselves toes deep into the water. 

The weather was certainly for us as it was 80 Degrees outside, water was cool, even though my husband was constantly saying "its cold" and we chatted about memories of the past, ideas for the future and just enjoying each step.. 

Picked up shells from the beach, took pictures of the waves forming ashore and the pier shading the seaside... it was truly a beautiful day for a walk along the beach.

Thank you for being with us today and having a tour along the beachside with us. 



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