Do You Really... RV Washer & Dryer Conversation


I have been in many online RV Forums where conversations have come up about what people should get, what is the best option for this and that.. The many issues that come up in these types of conversations is, missing details! 

I don't know the persons lifestyle or camping preferences, I don't know if they have families tagging with them that is unlike our way of camping, I don't know the style of camper they are looking into purchasing or already own so.. there are so many differing variables to just give an answer to or provide...

"ALL KNOWING" guidance.. all I can honestly give is my best opinion coming from my the experience that I have gained over the last year.  

Remember this is my opinion so, don't bash me to much for it! 

The Conversation that kicked up a ton of "opinionated" and sometimes overly heated replies was if one should get a washer or dryer in their RV.. or get the washer dryer prep. If they can decide right and and decide later down the line decide they wanted to invest in the option?

I read so many no and yes answers but with no reasons as to why any of these people felt one way or the other.. and when you are dealing with comment replies, you are shuffling through many to filter a complete understanding... as in the last comment that this pop'd up in came to a head at over 1088 replies. 

This is my way to explain how I feel about this issue.. 

A way of expressing and overall view with consideration for both sides to consider and again this is my opinion based on my experience. 

We have only been living full-time in our RV for over a year 1/2 now, we are not in any way experts on the subject of everything "RVing" however, on this detail.. I can give you a few hints and reasons to look at. 

When we first started this journey, Charlotte our 1st RV was washer/dryer prep'd for a set, but did not have one installed. Henry (my husband) is still active duty Marine so, right now he is required to maintain uniforms, PT clothes and many other items for work and we have to keep him in standards. I do laundry at least 2 to 3 times a week, you can say that I am an expert a doing laundry so, I know plenty about this topic.  With him still being in the military we live a little bit different RV life right now so, we are landlocked, we are required to be closer to the base where he is stationed, we stay at RV Parks with full hookups or access to dump stations and plenty water supply. I really didn't think anything too much about not having a washer and dryer at first as we always had the option should it become too cumbersome dragging the clothes around to different washateria's, we could then put one in.

When we first started this we had a few months left in California ( the current base he was assigned to) before we started our first big travel..  having NO washer/dryer wasn't a big deal.. our eyes were opened soon after when we received our PCS orders to Virginia. 

During our travels when ran into some interesting things that at first you don't think about..

1. Access to Laundry Facilities-

Depending on location, time of arrival and such.. you may find that the campgrounds your staying at may have only limited machines available for the amount of campers at any particular time, or the times that the facilities are open to you, may not fit your traveling time making it necessary for you to go out into town to locate one there... there may also be the fact that some facilities could miles away from your campsite causing you to drive out of your way to locate one. 

2. Cleanliness-

You can find yourself arriving at a washateria and finding a horror scene in the making. We have had this happen on several occasions where the facilities where dirty, broken down machines, smelled "NASTY" and you would not risk putting your clothes inside the machines. So, you wait hoping that the next stop in a few days will give you a better option and better findings on the ability of having clean clothes again. 

3. Cost-

Depending on where you are in the United States.. the cost for doing your laundry can be pretty expensive and I am not talking about the price of laundry detergent, I am talking about the actual cost of washing and then drying your clothes. Currently where we are located the cheapest price that I have found is $2.50 per load to wash and to dry you clothes. YES.. $5.00 for (1) load of laundry, and that is if your clothes dry the first time around!!!  So, depending on how many loads you have to do at a time, per how many times a week you have to do laundry.. your looking at a small car payment, just for clean clothing!

Remember, I live a little differently then some of you and I can't speak to how you all live, camp and so on and so forth.. we are still working from one location full-time while living in an RV before we can retire and travel... just getting a jumpstart early.

Now.. here are some things to consider..

If you are purchasing an RV and you only plan to go out for weekends or maybe a month at a time, you may not need a washer/dryer. 

Why? you might ask..

Well, Washers and Dryers are heavy items, they take up space and use much water, plus will fill up your grey tanks quickly so, this makes actively using them (unless you plan to only be in RV Parks) makes you exhaust your water resources quickly. 

But, again.. if you are thinking about someday you might want one, can't really decide that you really need one so.. you are really going back and forth, there is the cost of them, so many people complaining about their crappiness at washing or drying..and you need more time but, want to start camping now?

Get the RV prep'd for Washer/Dryer connections NOW. 

It won't hurt anything, it will definitely save you money and labor costs down the line and should you decide after the fact that you really do want one, you just have to install the machine with out all the prep-work expense. 

We started our journey without and I learned a ton. Again I camp differently now and know what I like, You will need to know what you like over all and what is best for you and your family, NO ONE can tell that to you but yourself. 

Since we have purchased our new gal Abigail.. she has a washer and dryer and I love it, it does have its learning curves as you have to understand that they are "NOT" residential machines and require a slight understanding of how to use them better. Once that is done, you get the best from your own rig and quickly knock out your dirty things in a breeze. 

I don't regret the first year as it taught me much, I am still always learning.. never stop learning!

Thanks for coming along for this rambling on session..



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