Virginia Aquarium

 Daily we drive by this location however, have yet to stop in and see what is actually inside. Now that the weather is bright and sunshiny.. we are going to go out and see what the Virginia Aquarium has to offer!

I truly do love to go to aquariums... water is my place of peace, if I can find a stream or lake.. even the ocean, I will sit near it for hours on end (mosquitos permitting peace time) I just find bodies of water very relaxing and peaceful. 

Seeing creatures of the sea are beautiful.. and even the ones that are scary have their beauty to bring, there is always a balance to be had for certain, from the creepy crawly to the large ones that swim fiercely through the sea.. there is so many varieties out there that you can never truly grasp what the sea hold also, considering that only a small portion of the sea has only been explored, there are vast areas still left unknown. 

So, with the aquarium being not to far from us, I wonder what I will see and what information will be gifted to us that I have not seen at other states aquariums around the US this far. 

Virginia Aquarium

Now, with covid you need to purchase your tickets online and in advance as each quarter to half hour has limited spacing for those wishing to attend. Pick the desired time and show up 15mins. to your entry time listed on your eticket. 

*they do allow for same day walk up however, you get filtered in to the amount of space available so, keep that in mind. 

Admission Prices:

Children $20

Adults $25

Seniors $23

There are discounts offered inquire online at the link provided. 

There is plenty of parking available and we went on a Saturday morning with plenty of places to choose. With the time and limited persons being in a way "guided" through the aquarium .. it wasn't overly crowded and we actually went through the entire experience in just over 1 hour. 

This aquarium is older in style, more of a preserve than what one would look at as a "aquarium" there are pop up windows showing different creatures from land animals and sea creatures alike.  They have wall mounted displays showing the internal working of these creatures and displays that where not functioning at the time we went so.. not sure what they are for. You were guided this way and then that way through the aquarium to see what was open for you to observe. 

My overall observation is that for kids.. or if you bring your grand babies.. this would be a easy way of showing simple sea and land creatures to them without the heavy foot traffic, being able to pick each location inside the aquarium and share with them their joy and wonder at what they see in a slow pace. Not overly large and too complex, but also not to showy on electronics and big aquarium features others have. This place isn't bad though as an adult, there was no new information parted and the price tag I felt was very inflated for what was or is offered.  I understand I am in Virginia, the costs out here are high and so, its reflected plus the upkeep of taking care of these creatures are in there too..  I am not overly disappointed in it, as for me and our family, this is a one time and done deal. 

Don't be disappointed by this review in any way.. just take into understanding that this isn't the first one we have been through.. children bring awe and wonder, differing perspectives. If ya wanna go.. never let others take away that choice or make that decision for you. 

Go out there and make memories, after all that is what matters most!

Take care and God Bless!



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