What To Do... What To DO?

 As with most things.. life is always about catching up these days, the weather is not helping much so.. when we can, we have to jump on the small things and make up for the big things. 

At the first opportunity that the rain stopped we started the unruly process of trying to uncluttered the mess in the storage bays. I am grateful that we have storage however, trying to figure out the best way to keep them organized has become a interesting puzzle indeed. We have considered putting in storage trays, for the ease of gaining access to the middle and both sides of the compartment but, this will be something we have to think hard on and over time. 

During our endeavors we have found some very interesting things.. like once again duplicates of items we told ourselves we would stop doing.. the countless supply of batteries that we keep repurchasing.. because we thought we ran out of or put somewhere else and didn't need them have any of.. now come to find out we have a entire drawer dedicated to batteries! This will be something that I have to figure out to get a hold of.. costs way to much money on waste and, we are losing track of items we have ... I can do better! 

Once the fun of finding and then once again repacking the storage areas.. we decided to hit the bowling alley for some fun. We do enjoy it even though we are not really that great at it.. or I should be honest that I am not good at it and my husband gets pretty close to a score of 300.. brat!.. love him!

While we were there the Pro member came out and gave us a free lesson , tips on how to help us lead the ball down the alley with less stress on our elbows and shoulders also watched to see what we might be doing to cause us to go more in the gutter and not down the lane.. I tend to not direct my thumb in t he right direction.. WHO KNEW?

The next day was bright and sunshiny, after church we decided that if the weather held that it would and was.. a great moment to get ivy shined up and on the road. we found many side streets to take for this moment as we once again noticed that the rains were coming and would be stuck inside.. so.. out on the road we go!! 

It was beautiful but HOT.. really hot.. we carried 8 bottles of water with us and by the time we got home, the water was spent and I was over heated, red faced and not feeling all that great.. I cooled off and went to bed early however, the next day shined and proved that I was definitely dehydrated. sad.. so so sad!

The older one gets, the more difficult and longer it takes for one to recover from simple dehydration.. luckily that was all I had to contend with.. took it easy, rested most of the day and drank plenty of fluids while eating soup to make it easier for my body to get in nutrients.. not making my body work hard to get better was key and sleep was pretty much on the hardest work for the day. 

The next day was playing catch up on the things that "DID NOT" get done.. like laundry..and many other wonderful domestic diva duties. I always make an attack plan, I write it all down and click them off one at a time, any that are left over I drop them onto the todo list for the next day. This kind of schedule works for me, considering I have many things that continue to pop up that I need to stay aware of , this is how I do it. 

Well, as with many things.. the work won't get done on its own and I need to get to it. See ya guys another day.

Love ya,



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