Bad Squishy.. No Biscuit!

 Its HOT.. 


ITS HOT!!!! 

The weather sure did do a flip on us.. 

I am guessing that this would be .. "SUMMER" weather? I don't know since its our first time here and I have nothing to gauge it too or from but maybe compare it to Kansas or Indiana, so now what to figure out is what to do since we have sunshine and we are heading out to take advantage of this time.. 

Why you may ask??

Well, its the Memorial Day weekend and we will be in hiding at home for this time together since it is a hard time for both of us and then there is the fact that we are currently living in a heavily trafficked tourist destination.. and from what we are seeing, this place is going to be busy, trashed and a heavy college and family mass jam and I don't wanna get stuck in the middle of it... SO!, we ordered groceries for us to pick up, heading to Home Depot for some DIY stuff and then maybe some board games to play away the weekend. 

AS with most of anything, we have learned to not post our plans into concrete because as we were making plans o everfor a BBQ.. in came the rain .. always "RAIN" 

The rain came in heavy and fast and it was in massive sheets that we started to watch back bay for the raising water in hopes that it wouldn't flood to badly as tomorrow is Sunday and we sooooo want to get to church! 

As the arrival of Sunday came.. so did the realization that we would be taking Big Bertha to Church. There was heavy puddles of water and broken tree limbs in the street leaving us having to dodge obstacles just to get down the road, I'm lucky that we have the ability to get down the road however, we never would have made it in the car ...thats for certain. 

Church services were great and it was amazing to spend time with friends without a mask on, singing praises together.. we came home, cleaned up the outside area and headed over to the Pastors home for some games, then came home once more for an early night as the noises continued to creep up and the sounds of popping became increasingly louder. 

When Monday arrived filled with sunshine and more heat.. and mosquitos.. yuck! We also received the joyful news that a dear and sweet friend was getting married so, we now have a trip to plan to Kentucky! 

The wedding is soon which makes trip planning an adventure, with the RV season in full swing, most parks that can handle a 45ft RV are book to the hilt.. I have looked around the area we are to be and made a concerted effort to locate anything I could find.. I don't care the rating.. as long as dead bodies were not floating about, daily gun battles or drug deals.. I need to fit and have power and water.. everything else is negotiable. 

So, with this fight on the battle field in play.. I have been searching and searching.. no one seems to be answering and the ones that have are putting me on a waiting list, I am now at the point that I have left emails and voicemails.. who ever calls or replies with a positive message I am paying for that spot then and. there! 

Lord help me.. we will be getting to Kentucky for this wedding one way or another.. I don't care how or what gets it done but, this will happen! 

Now, I need to finish some stuff and things and more stuff so.. we will talk more later!



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